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Baccarat Hand Values

Baccarat: Hand Values
by Wilson of Predictem.com

Binionís Horseshoe may be another historical casino that has switched hands and gone through the proper identity crisis which accompanies new ownership, but regardless of the changes I will always remember Binionís as the host of my first baccarat experience. I was nervous but within minutes I was winning money and learning more about the game.

Baccarat is definitely easy to play as once you make a bet youíre done making any more decisions. After you place a bet everything becomes automatic. The dealer simply reacts to your original two card value by following the set rules of the game. The hand values in baccarat are different from those of almost every other game. Letís take a look at how hand values ďadd-upĒ in baccarat.

First, in the game of baccarat, traditional card suits have absolutely no impact or meaning. It doesn't matter if you get two diamonds or three hearts, baccarat is blind to color and symbols.

Remember, in baccarat a winning hand consists of a total of nine (natural) or eight (lower natural). So, it's safe to say that baccarat is only concerned with "points". If you score a nine or eight on your first cards you will likely win.

But what are the hand values?

All tens and face cards are worth zero. For example, if you are dealt a jack of hearts and a ten of clubs your total points would be zero as these cards are worthless in baccarat.

Aces are worth one point. An ace would be a good card to pair up with a seven or an eight which would give you a natural either way.

The cards numbered two through nine are worth their exact face value. All you have to is the simple math when you are dealt these cards. Depending on your two card total you will either stay or the dealer will automatically hit for another card.


If both the player and the banker end up in a tie, neither the player nor the banker will win.

Letís look at some examples of hand totals:

Jack & five = 5 points (you must subtract the jack)

Three & Ace = 4 points

Eight & Ace = 9 points (natural)

Two & five = 7 points (subtract ten, draw a five for a total of seven)

As you can see it is relatively easy to do the math in baccarat. If you play online or in a land based casino like The Horseshoe or Harrahís baccarat is really a non-thinking game.

There are different theories and strategies but ultimately all you have to do is buy-in, make a bet on player, banker, or a tie and sit back and wait for the results.

I used to play a lot at Binionís as they had a little mini-baccarat room located just off the main casino gaming floor. If you are looking to break into baccarat and do not wish to be intimidated I strongly suggest going to Fremont Street or a local, smaller casino in Vegas, but you can also find comfort in your own home by playing online. Luck to ya.

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Baccarat is a game whereby the croupier gathers in money with a flexible sculling oar, then rakes it home. If I could have borrowed his oar I would have stayed. ~ Mark Twain