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Baccarat Odds

Baccarat Odds
by Wilson of Predictem.com

Baccarat is one of the most popular casino table games. Why do people love baccarat so much? Well, baccarat is incredibly easy to play; all you have to do is bet for the player, the banker, or the tie. But what are the game odds, and which bet has the best advantage? Letís take a look at how the casinos compute the percentages, which by the way, will always be in their favor.

The casinos have strategically set the odds so the house will have a slight edge over the player and banker, and a huge advantage over the tie wager.

If you place a bet on the player in baccarat the casino advantage will be around 1.36 percent. The casino advantage on a banker wager is about 1.17 percent. The largest casino advantage in baccarat is the estimated 14.4 percent over the tie wager.

Ok, since the banker does have a slight advantage over the player the casinos have conveniently adjusted the difference by charging a 5 percent commission. By incorporating this commission the casinos secure the almighty house edge.


How do the casinos figure out the banker numbers? If you bet 100 credits with the 5 percent commission you will, on average, receive a return of .95 for every credit wagered. Basically you count on winning 50.68 percent of the time. If you take .95 times 50.68 you will get 48.15. You can figure on losing 49.32. The difference is about 1.17, which is the house advantage for the banker.

Tie bets occur about 9.55 percent of the time. The true odds of the tie bet are 9.47 to 1. If you divide the 9.55 into 100 you get 10.47 plus you will get your original wager back with the win. By winning a tie bet you actually end up with 9 percent. Divide the difference of 1.47 into 10.47 and that will give the house the 14.4 percent advantage for the tie bet. I donít recommend the tie wager.

Even with the 5 percent commission that is charged to the banker it is still the best route to take at the baccarat table. No matter what you decide to do, outside of the tie wager, both the player and the banker wagers are still two of the most favorable wagers in the casino.

If you like to gamble without making a ton of decisions and complicated wagers then baccarat is your best option. Donít be intimidated by the ďRichie RichĒ who thinks they are above the average casino gambler. Do your homework, and go win some cash! Luck to ya.

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Baccarat is a game whereby the croupier gathers in money with a flexible sculling oar, then rakes it home. If I could have borrowed his oar I would have stayed. ~ Mark Twain