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Black Jack School

Blackjack Systems

There are many blackjack systems out there that you can read about but before you do so, you should be advised that unless you're counting cards, these systems are not likely to work for the purpose of profiting you money while sitting at the tables, but have been devised to prolong your play and increase your chances of winning.

In our long history of playing at casinos, reading stories and talking to people in the industry, we have heard darn near every system out there and there is yet one that consistently beats the odds and if there was, you wouldn't likely hear about it because a person who was able to crack the code would never be dumb enough to tell anybody and ruin his secret. That'd be like finding a gold mine and asking people to come help you carry gold nuggets out.

The following blackjack systems have been found to be good reading and should help your game a bit. Remember though! Odds are odds and you can't beat them long term, despite what you may think and despite the fact that you may very well apply a system and have success in numerous consecutive sessions at the casino. Enjoy the articles!

The Martingale System - This is probably the most popular system used in Blackjack. It consists of a progression model where players double their bets until they win. What happens when you hit that nasty streak though?

The Labouchere System - Also known as "Cancellation", "Crossout," Labby," and "Split Martingale", this is a negative progression system that many prefer to use in the casinos.

Play BJ

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Spanish 21 - Try this exciting version of twenty one which allows you to surrender a bad hand and doubling down on any number of cards is allowed!

Tournaments - We sniff out internet casinos offering tourneys and report them right here each week!


5Dimes Casino - This is the place to play BJ if your a player who needs to make deposits using your Visa card. Offers tons of variations of 21 including a live dealer option!

Club World Casino - Voted the most trustworthy online casino to play Blackjack at. Sign up bonus all depends on how much you deposit. Players who come here don't often end up looking elsewhere as this is a one stop shop for all your casino gambling needs!


Soft Hand Strategy - We explain what to do when your holding a soft hand. Oh, and ALWAYS hit on soft 17!

Winning at Blackjack - It can be done by utilizing the correct strategies.

Interesting Facts

Did you know... that the chances (probability) of being dealt a blackjack is .024%, which equates to one BJ approximately every 42 hands dealt?