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Black Jack School

The Deck - Cards

The Blackjack Deck
by Jason Green of Predictem.com

The deck of cards in Blackjack is a standard 52-card deck. When playing Blackjack the standard deck is used, but there can be more than one deck used, such as 2 deck or 6 deck Blackjack. When playing Blackjack there are 4 sets of numbers and the suit does not matter.

4 Sets of Numbers

In Blackjack there are 4 sets of numbers, which are:

2-9: In this set of numbers the face value of the card is that number. For example, as 3 would have the face value of 3, a 4 would have the face value of 4 and so on.

10's: The cards that have the face value of 10 are 10's, Kings, Queens, and Jacks. No matter what suit the card is any face card or 10 is worth 10.


Soft Aces: A soft Ace has the value of 1. Any time that a player has an Ace and goes over 21 when the Ace is counted as 11 the Ace will automatically become a 1. For example, if a player has an Ace and a 7, they have 18. If they decide to hit and then get a 6 they do not have 24 (6+7+11) but 14 (6+7+1), as the Ace is now counted as a 1, since an 11 would make it so they go over 21 (bust).

Ace: An Ace can also be counted as 11, which is what is needed to get a Blackjack. There can be no Blackjack without an Ace. An Ace counts as an 11 unit a player has an Ace and then with another card has a hand that over 21, which is when the Ace is now seen as a 1.

The Suits of Blackjack

When playing Blackjack the suits of the card do not matter. An Ace of clubs and a Jack of clubs is the exact same (Blackjack) as an Ace of hearts and a 10 of spades. Sure a Blackjack looks prettier when the 2 cards are suited, but it makes no difference if the cards are suited or not. Because of this when you are a beginner, do not worry about the hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs, but just the card value of the cards you are dealt, as that is the only thing you need to know.

Number of Decks

When playing Blackjack there are single deck games all the way up to 6 and 8 deck Blackjack games. There is a slight advantage to playing single deck Blackjack as, A multi-deck game has a 0.5% - 0.6%1 disadvantage over a single deck game that uses the same rules. The difference is due to the fact of the effect of removal of cards, for example, removing one card in single deck has a pretty significant effect, but removal in a shoe game will not be. A single deck game of Blackjack is also better for counting cards, which is technically legal although casinos frown on it.

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Interesting Facts

Did you know... that the chances (probability) of being dealt a blackjack is .024%, which equates to one BJ approximately every 42 hands dealt?