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Blackjack Tournaments

Blackjack Tournaments and How They Work
by Jason Green of Predictem.com

Many casinos and Internet casinos now offer Blackjack tournaments. In land based casinos more of these types of tournaments are offered during the winter. Blackjack tournaments can be a lot of fun to compete it, but you should know the basics of them before you enter into them.

All players in a Blackjack tournament will start with the same bankroll. The players will then play Blackjack for either a certain amount of time or play a certain number of hands. At the end of the time or hand limit the Blackjack player that has the most money is the winner. The winners of each table at the tournament will then play against each other until there are around 6 to 7 players left and then they will play for the main prize. In traditional Blackjack you are playing against the dealer, but when playing in a tournament you are competing against other players.

The Two Formats of Blackjack Tournaments

There are a couple types of formats used when playing Blackjack tournaments, which are elimination and non-elimination. When playing in a elimination format the Blackjack players will play against one another at the table and the player or players that have the most money will advance to the next round. The other players at the table are then eliminated from the tournament. When playing in a non-elimination tournament the players will play against one another and the goal in this type of tourney is to win the most money after several rounds of Blackjack are played. In a non-elimination format no players will be eliminated from the tournament. The elimination format is the more popular type of Blackjack tournament.

Many Blackjack tournaments will charge players a certain amount in an entry fee. You should make sure that the casino you play at returns all the money to the players in the form of prize money. The things you should know before you enter the Blackjack tournament are the money in the prize pool, the number of players in the tournament, and what the entry fee for the tournament is.

There are some Blackjack tournaments that will return less than 100% of the entry fees, but they will pay for things such as free hotel rooms, free food, and other various gifts. If you are not sure about the return percentage ask the casino for details, as they should not take too much of a percentage. 100% return Blackjack tournaments are not difficult to find and they are the ones you should play in.


There are a few approaches to take when you play in elimination Blackjack tournaments. There are players that like to bet big amounts from the beginning so they can get into the lead early in the round. There are other players that like to bet small and conservative and wait to make big bets if they need to in order to stay on the table.

It is vital that you know how much money, in the form of chips, which your opponents have as play continues. If you see that you are behind the chip leader it is a good idea to change your betting strategy so you can catch up. For instance, if you trail the chip leader by $300 and they bet $500, you should either bet in excess of $700 or less than $300. If you bet $720 and both you and the leader win the hand you will be ahead of them. If you bet less than $300 and both of you lose you will be leading. If you are the chip leader you should match the bets with the your opponents who want to catch you. By doing this if you both win or lose you will still be ahead.

The last hands at the table are the ones that are the most important. There are many Blackjack players that will lose the rounds they are in because they make wrong bets at the end. The way you bet will depend of if you are betting first and if you are behind or trying to catch up. Many players in Blackjack tournaments will go for broke and will bet the max amount on the last hand if it is what is needed to win the round. If you make the 1st bet and one of your opponents can catch up to you by betting the max amount, you should do the same and bet the max amount. If none of your opponents can catch up to you by betting all their chips on winning the very last hand then you should be making the minimum bet.

The very best position to be in is to be able to bet on the last hand and dictate the outcome. This will allow you to find out how your opponents will bet and you can come up with how much of a bankroll they will have if they were to win the last hand. Because of this, you will have to bet enough chips to be with the most money if you assume that you will win the last hand dealt.

There are many casinos that offer fun and cheap Blackjack tournaments and the entry fees for these are generally not more than $50. Playing in these types of inexpensive Blackjack tournaments are good to start playing so you can get a feel for the tournament format. If you want to play in more expensive Blackjack tournaments keep practicing and playing the game, in both inexpensive tourney play and at the table.

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Interesting Facts

Did you know... that the chances (probability) of being dealt a blackjack is .024%, which equates to one BJ approximately every 42 hands dealt?