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Winning Blackjack Tips

Winning Blackjack Tips
by Wilson of Predictem.com

Blackjack will make you money if you avoid common errors and leave the table at the right time. Players run into a game or session with great enthusiasm for sticking to their game plan. But some players make little mistakes which cost them money. Here are more playing tips to help you sharpen-up at the blackjack table.

Hit on a hand of 16 if the dealer has an upcard of 7 or higher. A lot of players will stay on a 16 regardless of what the dealer has because they figure itís a sure bust. Studies show that when a dealer has an upcard of 7 or higher they have nearly an eighty percent chance of having a ten card as the undercard.

Never split tens or fives. You will have a greater chance to hit for a 21 (blackjack) or higher ranking hand.


Always split aces and eights.

Never split face cards (K, Q, J)

Donít always take advice from the dealers. Hey, if the dealers are really that great at blackjack then they would be sitting in your spot making tons of money instead of minimum wage plus tips!

Keep your hands off the chips after you make your bet. OK, this is common sense but there are some novice players who donít know the rules. Casinos will be quick to scold any player who handles the chips out of turn.

Place your smallest valued chips at the top of your bet stack. This practice is also strictly enforced by all casino management. The reason for this is to protect the casino from cheaters who will slip a higher denomination chip on the top of their stack after viewing their cards. It also reinforces the rule that you canít touch your chips after the bet.

One hand only on single or double deck shoes. Most casinos that use single or double deck shoes allow the players to pick up the cards. However, you may only use one hand and it has to stay above the table in plain sight.

No hands on multiple deck shoe. All communication is verbal or by way of gesture.

Do not play Spanish 21! Why? All of the tens (K, Q, J, 10) have been removed from the shoe or deck. With no tens in the deck the player is at a huge disadvantage. No matter how many ďbonusesĒ they offer itís a shady deal!

Never stack up your winnings in an organized fashion. Casinos are always on the look out for winners, and if they notice you are making a killing they will do whatever possible to stop your run. I rarely suggest sloppiness, but in this case itís acceptable.

The best blackjack players are mentally tough. It doesnít have to be hard labor for a player to consistently win, but itís alright to do a little homework. Remember, casinos will always have the edge. Your job is to walk as close to that edge as possible! Luck to ya.

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Winning at Blackjack - It can be done by utilizing the correct strategies.

Interesting Facts

Did you know... that the chances (probability) of being dealt a blackjack is .024%, which equates to one BJ approximately every 42 hands dealt?