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Timothy Bradley vs. Juan Manuel Marquez Pick to Win

Timothy Bradley (30-0-0; 12 KO’s) v Juan Manuel Marquez (55-6-1; 40 KO’s)
Date:: Saturday October 12th, 2013
Where: Thomas and Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV
TV: HBO PPV …PPV begins 6pm EST
Weight Class: WBO Welterweight Title
by Tim of

Fight Odds: Timothy Bradley +122/Juan Manuel Maquez -135
Over/Under: Over 11.5 rounds -220/Under 11.5 rounds +185

Bradley vs Marquez. There’s a picture of Timothy Bradley set inside a chaotic ring corner moments after the Pacquiao decision was announced. Bradley, arm half-lifted by referee Robert Byrd, looks like he just found out Santa Claus is real after all! Byrd look-in the photo- can only be described like he is presenting to the viewing public “Miss Jersey City- Rosie O’Donnell” as the next Miss America. I can hear Byrd thinking to himself “Well, it is what it is?!” That image pretty much sums up Timothy Bradley’s rise in Boxing. Dishwasher from Palm Springs, CA with $11 in his pocket and now he’s beating the Pacman; with a lot of help from C.J. Ross (Cynthia Ross >> Ring Judge Stinky Lady).

Juan Manuel Marquez has a lot in common with Pernell Whitaker. Marquez took “Sweet Pee” to heights few sane humans could ever dream of when Marquez announced he drinks his own urine as a necessity to staying in shape! Evidently, his Trainer “Angel” (appropriate) cancelled this practice after seeing Marquez’s eyes appear to float and after paying good money to Marquez’s local Baskin Robbin’s to keep constant stock of Juan’s favorite icy treat; ’Yellow Snow’. Marquez appears to be on the ‘Julio Cesar Chavez Train’ headed to a stop just around the next bend at small retirement community called ‘Father Time’. But, Marquez’s daily diet of personal pee has apparently worked very well (combined with…uhhhummm, “Supplements”) chiseling Juan’s physique’ into a 20 year old Muscle Head, Girl Baiting Machine! It’s funny when you think about it…Mark McGwire, Canseco, Alex Rodriguez and the rest could have tossed all those growth hormones and ‘roids down the toilet and just worked out “The Marquez Way”...on second thought, maybe, don’t toss the supplements down the toilet. Will Marquez go down in boxing history with all those absolutely GREAT Mexican fighters like Chavez, Erik Morales, Ricardo Lopez, Ruben Olivarez, or Carlos Zarate? No, unfortunately, Marquez will be in the long list of VERY good fighters that fought forever and succeeded.

Marquez comes into this fight with an orthodox style carrying some Pop. At 40, Marquez is the 2nd ranked active Boxer—pound for pound—in the world. Bradley has a 2 inch reach advantage over Marquez but Marquez’s significant punching advantage and experience offset Bradley’s reach and defense advantage. Marquez can still move too! Marquez also moves more like a truck through his opponents rather than Bradley’s left-to-right Box step style. Marquez has twice as much ring experience and Marquez KO’s people at twice Bradley’s KO rate.

The word’s out about Bradley’s Split Decision over Pacquiao ending Pacman’s 7-year unbeaten streak. About half a stack of those are wise that Pacquiao was robbed like a Liquor Store Clerk on a Saturday night! Bradley’s win strolls hand-in-hand with the atrocious score sheet air-mailed by Las Vegas Judge Cynthia .J. Ross. Ross had a fight in mind, but most Insiders suggest Ross’ slugfest was between her ears and not the clinic Pacman put on Bradley. Ross kicked herself to the curb by resigning. Ross’ new pad is still in doubt? First choice logically would be now defunct East Germany and a trip to the Olympics. With that “Dream Job” for Ross out of the question, Banking, politics, or selling used cars might be the last proving ground for Ross before ‘Shuffleboard School’. In any event, Bradley didn’t beat Pacquiao, Further, when it was time to roast turkey with Amir Khan, Bradley ran from the dinner table complaining there wasn’t enough gravy to go around. Bradley’s nickname “Desert Storm” should have been changed to “Palm Springs Poser” since Bradley hasn’t shown anyone yet he can bang with Ballers without a Dumbski judge texting ringside! Bradley’s a good fighter. Marquez is just too much for a man more concerned about paper than the trophy. Money is great, but steppin’ through the ropes against an ‘Old School’ Vet will be like ammonia tablets under Bradley’s nose. When Bradley gets popped by Marquez, he’ll be searching for his track shoes and might slip a couple of wraps of duct tape around the 2 and hold on tight! This fight will be a dominating beatdown for the Winner Marquez. Bradley has competent judges at ringside so there’s nothing jumping out of the cake at the final bell. Marquez will completely initiate and instigate all action in this fight. Marquez…KO in 8!

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