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Casino Comps: The Free Stuff!
by Wilson of

Yes, it’s true; casinos do give away free stuff! Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City, Online Casinos and even the highly motivated Native American casinos offer customers thousands of dollars worth of prizes and gifts! Why? Because you will keep coming back to their establishment! People love to receive something for nothing, and that is exactly how the casinos want you to view it. Let’s take a look at some of the most common casino give-a-ways.

Coupons: These are usually handed out at the registration desk or found in the “fun books” that you will receive in your room. Most coupons are directly related to the casino gaming area as “free casino cash” and will be in the amount of $5 to $10. To use these coupons players will slide them underneath their original bet. If you are at a $20 minimum bet table you will be allowed to bet two red chips ($5 each) and your $10 coupon to equal the table minimum.

Dinner Voucher: Usually if you play for a certain amount of time and bet a set significant amount ($10 to $25) each play, you will get a free meal. However, you must be proactive and ask for it as many casinos will not offer unless you speak up.

Shows/Concerts: To be honest, these types of complimentaries “comps” are more difficult to receive. As a player, you need to either be a high roller or go on one heck of a run to land show tickets. Now some casinos have lower end shows that actually need exposure, in this situation you will probably score some tickets. But if you walk into the Mandalay Bay and expect a comp for two tickets to Mamma Mia you better plan on playing for big money, and for several hours.

Hotel Rooms & Suites: It depends on where you play and stay but most hotels will offer discounts on their rooms or better yet, free accommodations. The two and three star rated hotels will often offer two to three nights free! The Vegas Club, for example, in downtown Las Vegas (Freemont Street) has mailed me several free and discounted room vouchers. Most hotels offer a decent rate as they have a lot of competition and really want you to stay at their place and gamble at their tables and slots.

Plane Tickets & Junkets: These are a dying comp but still available mostly to groups of people or the high roller. Casinos will usually require that players gamble a certain amount during their stay, if they don’t they will be charged or not refunded their deposits if applicable.

Drinks: Perhaps the most popular comp of them all is the free drink. Players who are actively gambling at a table, slot machine, sportsbook, or keno will be asked if they want a free drink. Of course most players take full advantage of this comp. The trick is most players drink to much alcohol and then make poor decisions with their money. The casinos are so generous!

Online: Internet Casinos obviously won't offer you free drinks but their comps can be super valuable including electronic equipment, free trips, entries into huge poker tournaments all over the world and more. Virtually anything you can think of, it all just depends on the casino. One thing you won't find in Vegas is a 100% bonus. This is where you deposit money and the casino matches your deposit dollar for dollar with free cash. No hassles with carrying around cash, having to go to the ATM should you happen to lose. Online is easy and more efficient.

I’m all for free stuff! However, as a player you must realize that the casinos will not do anything for free. You can receive a lot of perks, but be careful or that free dinner will actually cost you a mortgage payment! Luck to ya.

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