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Casino Dealers: What can they do for me?
By Wilson of

For starters, a casino dealer can make or break your overall experience at a table. If you approach a blackjack table where the dealer avoids making eye contact with you and deals the cards so fast that you canít even enjoy the game you need to leave the table immediately. You should never feel like you owe a dealer something as they are there to provide a service to you, and if they do a fantastic job by being prompt and courteous they deserve a tip whether itís a BJ, baccarat, or craps dealer.

Casino Dealers are there to provide a service, and they are not out to get your money. Sure, we know the casinos have the edge over every bet in the house, thatís a reality of gambling but a dealer makes most of their wages based on customer tips. A great dealer will treat you like gold, and they should because you are the person who likely pays their bills.

Most novice gamblers and casino dwellers think that the dealer is there to bust them as soon as possible but in fact most dealers want you to win. If you are winning a lot of money you more than likely tip your dealer- right? You should! I tip my dealer based on their service; if the service is pleasant Iíll tip whether I win or lose. If Iím winning a lot, Iíll tip more, but in most cases I tip about every half hour or so. If itís a five dollar table Iíll cough up a red chip or two depending on my bankroll.

In blackjack you can tip the dealer when you leave or as you are playing. While you are playing BJ you can simply place a chip next to your original wager on the layout and announce ďbet for the dealer,Ē if you win they win if you lose they still get the tip. Another option for tipping the dealer in BJ is to place a chip on top of your bet and say that the dealer is ďriding my coattails,Ē which means the dealer wins the payoff but not the chip on top of your bet. The dealer stands to make more on this type of bet rather than the chip bet on the side. Basically, the dealer will keep receiving a tip rather than a one-time tip. The coattails tip is a continuing tip for the dealer as long as the player keeps winning. Most dealers understand that this type of tip is more beneficial to them.

At the craps table it is common for players or shooters (those tossing the dice) to holler out a bet for the dealers. Please donít announce a bet for ďthe boysĒ as this is not acceptable jargon in most casinos; the dealers just donít like being called boys. If you want to communicate with the dealers simply say ďdealersĒ and they will gladly thank you for your gesture.

The best tip you can give to craps dealers is to place a bet for them next yours or on your coattails on the pass line. A lot of shooters and players will toss a chip or two on the hard ways and yell ďhard six for the dealers,Ē which is a nice payoff for the dealers if the bet wins, but the dealers know their odds of a hard-six hitting is unlikely. The pass line bet has a much smaller house advantage than the proposition bet in the hard way. Most dealers prefer the lower house edge wager; it may not pay out as much but it has a stronger probability of showing.

Most dealers have been around for quite sometime and they know how things work in the game and the overall casino-hotel-resort world. If you are lucky enough to be at a table with a great dealer donít be afraid to ask them about other games in the casino or advice about where to eat, what shows to attend, and how to get the best deals. Many dealers will put in a word with the pit boss who has the ability to connect you with free dinners, show tickets, and other perks such as room upgrades or spa packages. You never know what great things can come from a simple tip.

Live Casino Dealers in Online Casinos: Do they exist? We've been asked numerous times now, 'Do online casinos have "live dealers?" and the answer to that is, "Yes, they do!" Live casino dealing at online casino rooms is a relatively new phenomenon and is a great way to offer online casino players a real life experience just as if they were at a land-based casino. Currently, the most popular online game with live dealers is blackjack with roulette's popularity growing quickly. If you would like more information about this or are interested in signing up to a online casino with live dealers then check out the best gambling site on the web right here: 5Dimes.

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