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How to Play Red Dog

How to Play Red Dog

By Wilson of

Red Dog is a variation of poker played at a blackjack size table in most land based-casinos but it is even more available in online casinos. The game was introduced to Las Vegas casinos in the 1980’s. Red Dog is also known as “ace-deuce” and “in-between” which actually describes the nuts and bolts of the game.

You may remember this game as the good old standby when everyone is sick of playing all the other poker variations. Red Dog is quick, decisive, and can make you a lot of money or cause you to make a trip to the cash machine to cover your losses. As with all gambling adventures you must know when to walk away, but it also helps to know all the rules and different payouts.

If you play red dog in an online casino you will likely have a more private experience but in a land-based casino you will probably have a few other players cheering you on to victory. The game is played on a blackjack-like table and can host up to 16 players in some casinos.

To place your bet all you need to do is find an open table or available online casino table and make, at least, the table minimum bet. Once you have established your wager the dealer will deal you two cards face-up. Most Red Dog tables use six decks and one dealer similar to BJ.

The card values are as follows:

Two through ten are worth face value

Jacks are worth 11

Queens are worth 12

Kings are worth 13

Aces are worth 14

If you are dealt a two and a ten you will be offered a chance to raise the bet by betting that the next card the dealer submits will fall between your two cards. Your original bet will pay even money; however, if you choose to raise the bet (which must be at least the same amount as the original) you will be paid out on a different scale. For example, in some casinos the payouts vary but you might see a scale that reads like this:

1 card spread pays 5 to 1

2 card spread pays 4 to 1

3 card spread pays 2 to 1

4 to 11 card spread pays even money

Remember, your original bet will pay even money as it is a separate bet from the raise bet. Therefore, you could win even money plus 5 to 1 if you catch the right cards.

Similar to the game of blackjack, you can also push with the dealer in the game of red dog. If the dealer deals you consecutive cards (2, 3) or a pair (4, 4) it is called a push and nobody wins. There is a bonus to the player if they are dealt a pair the dealer will immediately deal another card, if the third card results in a 3-of-a-kind the player will be paid 11 to 1 for their original wager.

Obviously red dog is a game of edge of your seat action as you can imagine the suspense involved especially after a raise. If you are dealt a 6 or 7 card spread it may be a good idea to raise the bet as your chances of landing a card in-between will be greater.

In red dog the player is not playing against the dealer. All payouts are paid out according to the pay scale posted on the table or online casino page. For online casinos you can simply click on the correct options listed by the particular site.

Red dog is fun, energetic and fast paced. If you don’t feel comfortable playing for real money you can find several online casinos that offer free red dog play. Always practice before you play/gamble on anything or it can be a shock if you get in over your head. The most important rule to remember before visiting any casino is to have a plan and do your homework. Luck to ya.

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