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How to Play Let it Ride

How to Play Let it Ride
By Wilson of

History of the Game:
Let it ride was first introduced to casinos in 1993 and has been a favorite game of choice ever since. The game was invented by Shuffle Master Inc, which is the same company that makes and develops the automatic card shuffling machines that saturate most casino table games these days. You would be surprised at how many people try to create a successful casino game every year. Itís difficult to create a game that can always favor the house, separate itself from the other games, and offer opportunity for large wins. However, let it ride accomplishes all three of these tasks, which is a huge reason why so many casinos offer the game.

Online casinos and land-based casinos both offer free let it ride lessons for the novice players who want to learn the ropes before they invest their money.

How to Play Let it Ride Poker:
Let it Ride is played on a blackjack sized table and can accommodate six to seven players at a time. To buy-in, all you have to do is place your money on the table and ask the dealer for chips. If you are visiting an online casino obviously the procedures will be different. Also, it may be easier to practice online as several websites will allow you to play for free until you feel comfortable enough to actually play for cash.

After you receive your chips you will notice three small circles on the table layout located directly in front of each playerís designated seat. These circles are where you will place your wagers. The first circle will be labeled with a number 1, the second circle will be marked with the number 2, and the third circle will be marked with the number 3. You must place at least the minimum bet in each circle. Now donít be discouraged, I know that sounds like a lot of money up front but the trick is knowing what hands to bet on and what hands to leave alone.

Letís take a look at a couple different scenarios that you may encounter on the let it ride table. If youíre playing at a $5 minimum table hereís what could happen: You place one $5 chip (red) in each of the numbered labeled circles. Then, the dealer deals you three cards face down. Next, you look at all of your cards and decide what you want to do. The dealer will not show his first card until you decide to ďlet it rideĒ or pull back your number 1 bet.

If you donít think your cards are strong enough you simply pick up your chip from the circle labeled number 1. Now the dealer will turn over his first card. Again, you will have a decision to make based on what the dealerís first card shows. If you donít like your odds based on his second card you may also pull down your bet in the circle labeled number 2. The third circle bet must remain in play, so basically you are betting $5 no matter what happens. But donít fret if you have a poor hand as the third bet is still in play and you could still win if you get tens or better or even an unforeseen three of a kind.

Bonus Circle:
Itís no surprise that online casinos and the big houses in Las Vegas will toss in a bonus bet to lure you and your bankroll into thinking about the big payoff! In let it ride there is one more betting circle centered just above your original three betting areas; this circle represents the bonus circle which is usually marked with a nice shiny $ (dollar sign). This bet offers some pretty huge payouts but the odds are extremely brutal thus try to avoid this bet as it is a sucker wager all the way. Be sure to check out our let it ride strategies and payouts articles to learn more about this exciting casino game. Luck to ya.

Let it ride poker is offered at many online gambling sites however the best experience you'll have can be found at PlayersOnly Casino.

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