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Reversed Commission? It's "WOW" For Pai Gow at BetAnySports!

When playing the game of Pai Gow in an online casino, players have become accustomed to paying a commission to the casino. At 5Dimes, home of the best pai gow payouts, the online gambling enthusiast can experience a great game of Pai Gow in the bonus casino. In fact, as a standard in the bonus casino everyday, the payouts are 1.02 times a dollar on the winning plays.

On Tuesday it gets a lot better. In fact, it gets great. From 2-8 PM (Eastern time), the winning payouts on Pai Gow bets increase to 1.05 times a dollar.

To put this in its proper perspective, the figure that other online casinos offer as a standard is 95 cents on a dollar. That has a commission to the house included. So not only does the BetAnySports bonus casino offer no-commission Pai Gow, these innovative folks actually REVERSE the commission structure!

Here is the comparison at a glance:

Bonus Casino Tuesday (2-8pm)  - 1.05x
Bonus Casino Everyday -- 1.02x
Standard Casino Everyday -- 0.95x

In case you are not aware of it, Pai Gow is a game that is played with 53 cards. The player has to put together two hands - formed from a deal of seven cards - to beat the dealer. One of those is a five-card hand that is the High Hand and a two-card combination that is the Low Hand. You drag and drop the cards to form the two hands. Or you can click "House Way" to have the dealer make that arrangement for you, at which point you can rearrange them if you really want.

When you have both hands that are better than the dealer's two hands (the "Front" and "Back"), you are a winner. When you win one hand and lose one hand, you have an overall push. When you push on one of the individual hands, you will lose to the dealer.

The determination of winners and losers is, of course, made by utilizing hand rankings. Since there is a Joker in the 53-card deck, Five Aces is possible, and that is the highest-ranked hand. Then comes the Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pair and One Pair.

Winning bets are paid out at even money, minus a five-percent (5%) commission. And this gets us back around to the value in playing Pai Gow at the BetAnySports bonus casino. As you can see, the "standard casino" payout of $0.95 reflects the commission, and the $1.05 payout that a player can realize on Bonus Casino Tuesday is a major boost.

So why not give the reversed commission Pai Gow game a try? It's the best Pai Gow payouts you'll find on the web: BetAnySports Casino!

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