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How to Play Sic Bo

How to Play Sic Bo
By Wilson of

Sic Bo may be the most “under the radar” casino game out there but it is starting to make some noise here in the United States as well as online. Originally from China, sic bo is similar to the game of craps as it also uses dice to navigate the flow of the game. Just when you thought you had a handle on two dice (craps) now you get to add a third die which makes your wager that more interesting! You will find sic bo games in online casinos as well as in most major Las Vegas and Atlantic City hotel casino resorts. Let’s take a look at the different betting options, probability and payouts associated with each bet and within minutes you'll learn how to play Sic Bo.

The betting options in Sic Bo are developed by the different combinations of the three dice used to play the game. When all of the wagers have been made, the dealer will call “no more bets” and then he will activate the dice shaker which consists of a round shape glass cover with a vibrating bottom platform that actually shake the dice. Once the dice settle the results will illuminate on an electric reader board that shows the number of each individual die. Also, the winning combinations and numbers on the table will light up indicating winners. The dealer will then take all the losing bets down to the house bank, similar to roulette, and then he will pay the winners.

In sic bo there are 8 different wagers you can make:

Three of a Kind: This bet will pay you 150 to 1 odds! The trick is getting all three dice to cooperate with you. For example, you will need all three dice to show the same exact number such as 4, 4, 4 or 5, 5, 5. Your chances of winning this bet are slim as there are 216 (6x6x6) possible dice combinations and only one of them will give you a three of a kind.


Two of a Kind: This bet will pay you 8 to 1. In order to win this bet you need to hit two identical numbers on two of the three dice. There are 12 ways to roll this wager for a winner.

Any Three of a Kind: This bet will pay you 24 to 1. Here you have a little bit more of a chance to win as there are 6 ways to hit any three of a kind. For example, if you hit on any three numbers from 1 to 6 you will win. The odds are still 6 out of 216 (2.78%).

Small: This bet pays even money. You are betting that the sum of the three dice will equal 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10. There is no winner for 3 (1, 1, 1) or hard 6 or 9 as this allows for the house advantage.

Big: Also pays even money. Similar to the small bet, you are betting on the dice sum of 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 or 17. Note that there are no payouts for three of a kind here such as 18 (6, 6, 6) or hard 12 and 15; again this secures the casinos edge.

Sum: There is an area on the table marked “sum” with the numbers 4 through 17. You may wager on one or all of these numbers. Each number is payout differently but they range from 50 to 1 to 6 to 1 depending on the probability.

Duo: this bet pays 5 to 1. You can bet on any two numbers as long as they are not the same numbers. For example, you could wager on 2, 4 or 5, 6 to show on two of the three dice.

One of a Kind: This bet will pay either 1 to 1, 2 to 1, or 3 to 1. If you bet that a 3 will show and it shows on all three dice you will get 3 to 1 odds, if it shows on two of the dice you will get 2 to 1 and 1 to 1 if it only shows on one of the die.

As you can see, there are a variety of wagers involved in the game of sic bo. If you enjoy playing the table games you might want to give this game a go as it's very comparable to roulette or craps as far as being another fun "lucky numbers" game. Luck to ya.

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