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Ten Worst Bets in the Casino

The Ten Worst Bets in the Casino
By Wilson of

The following bets are some of the worst bets in a casino as they carry a high house advantage. There are other bad bets in the casino, such as slot machines which can range anywhere from 1 to 15 percent house advantage. An educated player can play table casino games with a low house advantage, but there are a lot of bets that players should sway away from. Here are ten of the worst bets you can play.

Live Keno:  If you like the playing your local state lottery then you may enjoy trying your hand at Keno. But be prepared to face some pretty discouraging odds as most casinos have a house edge of 25 percent or higher. The casino advantage is based on the payout of the winning numbers and this can change depending on which casino you visit.

Caribbean Stud Side Bet: You must truly be a risk taker to jump on this wager. This side bet is determined on the size of the jackpot which varies a little by table. No matter how attractive the payout may be it is not a good bet. The house holds a beefy advantage at 26 percent or more. This is definitely one situation where you should avoid being a stud!


Baccarat Tie Bet: Baccarat is a game where two of the three bets in the game are some of the best in any casino, but the tie bet is a sucker all the way. The casino will bilk you for just over 14 percent. I suggest staying with the player or banker wagers in baccarat.

Wheel of Fortune: I have to admit, there is something about the wheel of fortune that draws players to the game, at least me anyway. However, the wheel of fortune is yet, another poor game as far as house edge goes. Most casinos have an 11 to 24 percent advantage; it just depends on what number is played.

Blackjack Gut Play:  There is a reason why basic blackjack strategy is one of the best strategies to use while playing 21- it cuts the edge down considerably. Players who play with their gut feelings usually lose a lot, and give the casino around 20 percent of an edge. 

Let it Ride Side Bet: This is another money maker for the casinos as they grab anywhere from 13 to 36 percent house advantage.

Blackjack Insurance Bet: First of all, you're not really insuring anything by making this bet except maybe insuring that you will lose your money over time. This bet should never be made it is simply another gimmick by the casino to attain your hard earned cash!

Craps Proposition Bet:  The house edge on this wager is as high as 16.7 percent. These bets are all-sucker bets! The most difficult challenge for new players on the craps table is to separate the good, the bad, and the ugly bets. If you research you'll find that craps offers a fair share of decent wagers, but stay away from the middle of the table as this is where most of the propositions live.

Casino War Tie: This is a game just like the kid's used to play where the highest card wins, but there is a tie bet that will sting you for 18.7 percent house advantage. It is attractive as you will get paid 10 to 1 if you win, but your chances of making money on this are slim to none.

Roulette: Perhaps the most glamorous of casino games and always highlighted in movies and advertisements is the Roulette Wheel. But these Roulette bets range anywhere from 5.5 to 7.8 house edge. Again, the payoffs are huge at 35 to 1 if you hit a single number but risk is the name of this game.

As you can see these bets are not recommended as they do not allow for a decent or more favorable house advantage for the player. Try to avoid the high house edge by studying up on which wagers are the best for you. With a little homework you can be on your way to making the best bets with the best chances for a return. Luck to ya.

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