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Casino Terms and Las Vegas Lingo
By Wilson of

Millions of people travel the world only to find out that they do not speak the local language or understand what certain terms. Las Vegas is no different than any other destination as far as carrying their own lingo and terminology, as a newbie, its best if you learn the basic language. Most of the terms youíll hear throughout a casino are, for the most part, easy to figure out but there are a handful of terms and sayings that you may struggle to understand. Letís take a look at some language you might hear while in a casino especially around Las Vegas casinos and hotels.

Comp: This term is short for free or complimentary. Often times a casino will give out free tickets to a show or vouchers to a dinner if a player is spending a lot of time and money at a particular table or machine. Now days almost every casino has a players card program which tracks the players play and awards a certain amount of points depending on how long and how much the player wagers in the casino.

RFB Comp: This type of comp occurs when a casino offers a guest free room, food, and beverage based on the guestís credit rating and usually their gambling reputation.

In red: A guest who is being comped will normally have their name printed in red ink on the maitre dís reservation list.


Dark: If you go to buy a show ticket and the sales person tells you that the show is dark on Mondays then there is no show. Usually the casinos give the show personnel a couple of days a week off in which the schedule will read ďdarkĒ on those days. This is another reason why itís a lot cheaper to visit Vegas Sunday through Thursday as a variety of shows are dark on Sundays, Mondays and other random week days. Casinos knock down the room prices and airlines do the same to attract those frugal travelers who donít care about the big shows anyway.

Eye in the Sky: This is known as the video surveillance used by all casinos. Usually the cameras are decorated behind a one-way mirror or tinted glass in the ceiling. When you enter a casino you are automatically on camera everywhere you go except for the bathrooms and guest rooms.

High Roller: A high roller is a guest who bets large amounts of money regularly and is usually comped for everything as the casinos rely on making much more than the comps are worth when the high roller loses a bankroll.

Bankroll: the amount of money a player has to gamble with for a particular session or entire trip.

Tip: same as a gratuity or toke. Tiping is a very complex issue in cities like Las Vegas because almost everywhere you go there is someone trying to help you accomplish something. All you need to know is only tip at the tables if you are winning, but feel free to tip a couple of bucks to the dealer if you can as he is providing as service. Drinks are free but tip a $1 at least for each drink Cabs are spendy, but you should tip $2-$3 of the total (split it with your friends or another group). Valet parking; I usually tip $2-$3 when I pick my car upÖdonít tip when you drop off unless youíre a big spender! When I leave my hotel room I usually leave $3 for each night I stayed, but there were times when I didnít even have that! Strip clubsÖdonít go!

One armed bandit: Yes, these are known as the slot machines. Now days it is hard to actually find a slot machine that will allow you to actually pull the handle (arm) down. But it is classic old school Vegas when you can find an old bandit to play.

Limit: the maximum or least amount that can be wagered at a gaming table.

Sportsbook: Area where you can partake in betting on sporting events and likely horse races as well.

The next time you go to Vegas or any other casino destination have fun, and know the basic lingo, it will help you have a smoother more comprehensible trip. Oh yeah, win some cash! Luck to ya.

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