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Las Vegas Casino and Sportsbook Review
by Jason Green of

Wynn Casino

Wynn Casino has many table games, a great sportsbook, and the food canít be beat. There is poolside Blackjack and the betting minimum at the Blackjack tables is $15 to $25 and most table games have a $15 minimum bet, but on the weekends minimums can go as high as $100. Wynn offers one of the better Keno lounges and there are many penny, nickel, and quarter slots and machines up to $5,000 for the high rolling slot players. The drinks are served by hotties wearing next to nothing, but the price for drinks are high if you are not gambling. Only high rollers will get comps, so do not expect to get a room at the Wynn unless you are dropping some serious cash. The Wynn has one of Las Vegas' most luxurious resorts and the sportsbook is probably the most upscale place in town to place a bet or watch a game. It is open from 8 AM to 11 PM and there are 37 plasma TVís, (3) 12íx12í big screens, and seats 125 in the race and sports book, 50 in the race and sports lounge, and 20 in the VIP Lounge. A must see at least once in your lifetime!


The Bellagio has all the table games that you could ever want, many selections of slots, and has one of the better buffets on the Strip. The Bellagio is THE casino for high rollers, but the average player will have fun there as well with relatively low minimums. The comped drinks for gamblers are legit and there are many food options, especially for the high-end clientele. If you want to get comped you better be playing at the $100 tables. There are many slots from the penny machines up to $5,000, but you have to insert dollars to play. The Bellagio sportsbook is open Thursday, 8 a.m. - 11 p.m. and has extended hours during football season. There are 47 TVís, 90 individual desk screens, 4 18íx22í big screens, and seats 200 people. The chairs are extra comfy and you can get comped drinks if you are laying wagers. The Bellagio is perhaps the most comfortable place to watch a game in Vegas.


In terms of gaming, the MGM is the biggest casino in Sin City, as there are literally hundreds of table games on the huge floor. There are $10 and up betting minimums and there are slots ranging from penny slots to $500 high roller slots. There is hardly any video poker, but all other games are plentiful. The drinks can be hard to get sometimes because the place is so huge and comps are hard to get unless you are laying down some serious coin, however dollar slot players will get free rooms after 6 or so hours of play. There are many restaurants from a great steakhouse and a fantastic buffet to some of the better international food options on the Strip. The MGM Sportsbook is in a circular and surrounds the poker room on the main casino floor near the Stage Deli Restaurant and Studio 54 is on the main casino floor and has 47 big screens including 36 60Ē inch TVís, 8 42Ē TVís, 3 16íx12í TVís, and seats 104 people. The MGM is also home to many huge boxing matches.


Harrahís casino has all the table games imaginable and since the casino is a tad cramped it gives it an action packed feel. They have friendly dealers and the minimum bets on table games are generally $10. They offer penny slots up to $100 slots and their selection of video poker is limited. The drinks are good and are served by waitresses in pretty bad costumes, but they are not hard to get on the floor. For comps table players may get food at $25 to $50 table play for several hours and a room may be comped when playing $100 tables and higher. Harrahís does not have the number of food options that other casinos do, but the The Range Steakhouse is one of the best steakhouses on the Strip. The Harrahís sportsbook is open daily, 8 a.m. - 9:30 p.m and has extended hours during football season. There are 2 giant plasma TVís, 38 42Ē hi-def TVís, and seats 45 with additional seating at the bar. At the sportsbook there is even live music and food, but is not one of the bigger sportsbook on the Strip. Be sure to get tickets to the "Improv" which is a top of the line comedy club. Very affordable for the amount of laughs the one hour show produces!

Las Vegas Hilton

The LV Hilton has all the table games with $5 betting minimums on most of the games. The Hilton has one of the better slot selections in Vegas, but they are known for not paying out often. The odds for the game are decent and the cocktails are legit and come by often, but are a tad on the weak side. In terms of comps they are generally for the high rollers, but the Hilton has one of the better slot clubs in town. There are roped off high roller areas, where you can drop some significant green and maybe even spot Paris. The Hilton has cheap fast food all the way up to ritzy restaurants, so you have options. The Hilton Sportsbook one of the largest race and sports book in town and has seating for over 300 people. There are 42 TVís with 28 giant projection screens and 14 50Ē plasma TVís, 11 big screens in the sportsbook and 19 in the race book, and one huge 15í by 20í projection screen. The Hilton also offers some of the more interesting prop bets. This casino sits off the strip a bit, so if being out of the riff-raff is you're thing, this place is perfect for you.

Circus Circus

OK, so Circus Circus has all the table games and most of the games have $5 minimums, buy you can find $3 minimums sometimes. They offer single deck Blackjack, but stay away from Craps as they give less than favorable odds. There are penny slots up to $25 slots and Roulette chips can be had for a $1 with a $4 minimum. The drinks are not great and do not come around often. Comps can be had if you play for a significant time on tables over a $15 minimum. The food options are limited, in terms of other Strip casinos, but if you want a great steak hit up The Steakhouse, as you will not be disappointed. The Circus Circus Sportsbook is open from 8:30 AM to the last big event of the day. There are 14 TVís, 1 big screen, and can seat 50 in the race book and 30 in the sportsbook. There are better sportsbooks on the Strip, but the one at Circus Circus is decent with not a lot of fanfare or special offerings. If you come to Vegas to get away from kids, this isn't the place for you. There are kids everywhere due to this being the most kid friendly casino in Las Vegas. The indoor theme park is great for families offering rides, video games, circus acts and more.


Hark back to the Medieval times at the Excalibur, which has all the standard table games as well as some unusual games such as Caribbean Stud and 3 Card Poker. There are $5 minimums, which seem high with all the screaming kids in the casino area. They offer many video poker machines and they have penny slots on up. The cocktails are pretty weak and hard to get in the crowded casino area. You can get comped, but you have to play at the high end tables for a significant amount of time. The food options vary, but if you are looking for the best bar food in town check out Dick's Last Resort. The Excalibur sportsbook is open daily from 8 a.m. - 10 p.m. and hours vary during football season, but usually stay open until 2 a.m. There are 35 TVís including 33 50Ē TVís and a few larger TVís with 1 big screen. The sportsbook seats 145 people and has all the options that a good sportsbook should have. This is a great place to go if you're taking kids on your trip. Be sure to check out the dinner show with the knights, your kids will love it. Porking out using your hands is kinda fun too!


The Stratosphere offers all the table games and there are mutations of many of the classic games, which can be fun to play. There are daily Craps lessons and the most of the minimums for table games are $5. There are many slot machines from a nickel up and if you are a hardcore slots player the Stratosphere is THE casino to check out. The drinks are legit, but it may take a while for you to get them. In terms of comps the Stratosphere is one of the better casinos on the Strip in the form of comped rooms and food. The Stratosphere sportsbook is open daily, 8 a.m. - 10 p.m. (Football season: Friday and Saturday, 7 a.m. - 12 a.m.) and have 33 TVís. The biggest TV is 60Ē and the place seats 75 in the race book and 45 in the sportsbook. A couple of the highlights of the Stratosphere's Race and Sports Book are their comfortable, raised theater-seating section facing a wall of hi-def TVís and a huge 10-foot projection screen on the opposite side of the room. There is also a special V.I.P. section that features 10 private personal carrels for high-rolling betting action. Be sure to check out their restaurant up in the sky, it's got GREAT views of Las Vegas.

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