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How to Play Casino War

By Wilson of

Do you remember killing time by playing "card war" on those rainy summer days? I used to grab a deck a cards and ask one of my siblings if they wanted to go head to head. Well, thirty years later there is still a part of me that gets a thrill from pulling a card and flipping it over to see if itís more valuable than my opponents draw. This is about as straight forward as gambling can get- one card versus another, and the lower valued card loses. Letís take a look at Casino War and find out how it works.

Most casino war tables are the same size as a typical blackjack table with usually six chairs provided for the players. Not all casinos offer the game but most will have one or two tables set aside to cater to those people who enjoy the thrill of catching a high card.

The table will be marked similarly to other table games as far as the limits and rules. Most casinos post their limits to the left or right of the dealer along with any other pertinent information regarding the game.

Players simply make a wager (at least the minimum bet allowed) and then they wait for the dealer to show his card. In casino war the cards are held to their face value, which means that an ace is always high followed by all the kings, queens, jacks, 10ís down to the last and lowest valued card- the deuce or two.

Similar to blackjack, in casino war you are playing against the dealer, not the player next to you or anyone else at the table for that matter. The dealer simply deals each player a card and then deals himself a card. If the dealerís card is higher than your card you will lose your entire bet. If your card is higher than the dealerís card you will win the amount of your original wager.

What if you tie with the dealer? If you tie the dealer (both you and the dealer have a 3) then as a player you will have two options. First, you may surrender half of your original bet and keep whatís left, no questions asked. Secondly, you may engage in a war with the dealer. To effectively play war you will have to match the original amount of your wager. For example, if you wagered $5 you would have to put another $5 next to your first bet and then the war will begin.

The war starts with the dealer burning three cards and then dealing another single card to you and him. The same rules apply as in the original deal; if your card is higher you will win. However, there is a catch; if you win you will be paid even money only on the amount that you raised and your original bet will be a push (no win or loss). In the event that the dealerís card is higher then the player will lose both bets. Ah, the casinos always find a way to get the edge!

In some casinos a bonus or jackpot is offered on a tie after a tie. You may also make another wager that a tie will occur. If you win on a tie bet you will likely be paid 10 to 1 on the first two cards dealt.

Most casinos online and in Vegas use multiple decks of cards while operating casino war. The average deck of cards used is 6 decks in most casinos. The casino, as always, has an advantage over the player. In casino war that is played with 6 decks the house holds about a 2.89 percent edge. If you wager on the tie bet it can shoot up to as much as 18.9 percent house advantage.

In any case, casino war is quite the gambling rush and could win you a ton of money quickly but watch out for the temptation to chase that high card. Luck to ya.

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