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College Basketball Play of the Day

Bookmark this page and check back daily during the NCAA hoops season for our college basketball pick of the day from the Staff.

What to Expect: The best bet of the day from expert NCAA basketball handicappers which are usually released by 6PM EST. It may be a good thing to check back closer to the first set of games going off as well, as often times we get late breaking information and/or wiseguy moves that we may be piggybacking which don't usually come in until late in the afternoon. If we find that there are no NCAA basketball picks on the day's card that offer any value, we will pass as we do not believe in forcing plays.

The goal here is to turn a profit over the course of the college basketball season. What you'll find here are NCAA basketeball picks that we feel will cover the point spread at more than a 52.38% clip which will make us a winner long term. What you won't find here is a bunch of promises that we'll hit 70% because it ain't gonna happen here or anywhere else despite the b.s. claims you will see on other websites. You get the real skinny here at! We estimate a 57% win rate for the selections made on this page.

Something you need to understand is that good teams win and bad teams cover the point spread. We will often times be siding with some really crappy teams. Don't let this scare you off because that is how money is made in college basketball betting.

Our NCAA picks on this page are free to our readers, but that doesn't mean that they're second rate predictions like most other sites offer. These are premium plays as we here at do not sell our picks. We give them away to our readers with hopes that you'll come back daily and become a regular reader of our site. If you appreciate what we do here, the best thing you could possibly do for us is sign up at one of our sportsbook/poker room sponsors through the links provided on this site which tells them you came from Predictem. They pay us ad fees to be listed on our site and THAT is how we make our money. Here's the link to that page: Sportsbook Reviews. We'd appreciate it!


2017-2018 YTD ATS RECORD 51-56-3 -10.90

Note: Jer's college hoops computer predictions have started! You can find these "most days" right here!

Sunday, April 2nd: Mich +7 (pending)
Saturday, March 31st: Mich -5 (won 69-57)
Friday, March 30th: N. Texas -4 (won 88-77)
Thursday, March 29th: Penn State -4 (winner 82-66)
Wednesday, March 28th: No. Colorado -10.5 (won 99-80)
Tuesday, March 27th: Miss St +2.5 (lost 60-75)
Monday, March 26th: Pass
Sunday, March 25th: Passing
Saturday, March 24th: FSU +4 (pushed 54-58)
Friday, March 23rd: Clemson +5 (won 76-80)
Thursday, March 22nd: Texas AM +3 (lost 72-99)
Wednesday, March 21st: Jax St. +1 (lost 68-90)
Tuesday, March 20th: Passing.
Monday, March 19th: Wash +10 (winner 81-85)
Sunday, March 18th: Mich. St. -9.5 (lost 53-55)
Saturday, March 17th: Fla +1.5 (loss 66-69)
Friday, March 16: Lipscomb +22 (won 66-84), Michigan St. -13.5 (lost 82-78), Florida St. +1 (winner 67-54)
Thursday, March 15th: Loyola-Chicago +2 (3:10PM EST)(won 64-62), North Carolina State +3 (4:30PM EST)(loss 83-94), Houston Cougars -4 (7:20PM EST)(lost 67-65), Florida Gators -5.5 (9:55PM EST)(won 77-62)
Wednesday, March 14th: BYU +2.5 (lost 83-86)
Tuesday, March 13th: St. Bonaventure +3.5 (won 65-58)
Monday, March 12th: Hartford +10 (lost 72-88)
Sunday, March 11th: Passing.
Saturday, March 10th: W. Virginia -1.5 (lost 70-81)
Friday, March 9th: Louisiana Monroe +3.5 (lost 55-63)***2 UNIT TOP PLAY***
Thursday, March 8th: Marquette +10.5 (lost 70-94)
Wednesday, March 7th: Colorado St. +6 (lost 65-76)
Tuesday, March 6th: Sacramento St. +7.5 (won 67-71)
Monday, March 5th: Ohio +3.5 (lost 55-68)
Sunday, March 4th: I turned this whole card upside down and couldn't find one play that had an edge so am forced to pass.
Saturday, March 3rd: UNLV/Utah St. OVER 155 (lost 146)
Friday, March 2nd: E. Mich +5.5 (won 71-69)
Thursday, March 1st: S. Alabama +7 (pushed 74-81)
Wednesday, February 28th: San Jose St. +7 (won 64-62)
Tuesday, February 27th: Kansas St. +6.5 (lost 59-66)
Monday, February 26th: Kansas -10.5 (lost 80-70)
Sunday, February 25th: Colorado +2 (won 80-76)
Saturday, February 24th: Oregon ML -265 (won 98-93)
Friday, February 23rd: St. Peters +1.5 (won 52-43)
Thursday, February 22nd: So. Utah +4 (lost 91-96)
Wednesday, February 21st: Georgetown Hoyas +5.5 ***2 UNIT TOP PLAY***(lost 77-89)
Tuesday, February 20th: Indiana +3 (loss 57-66)
Monday, February 19th: Kansas -8.5 (winner 104-74)
Sunday, February 18th: Evansville +5.5 (lost 66-76)
Saturday, February 17th: Cornell +5.5. (lost 71-79)
Friday, February 16th: Columbia +2 (lost 62-74)
Thursday, February 15th: Drexel +10.5 (winner 69-75)
Wednesday, February 14th: W. Illinois +11.5 (lost 74-90)
Tuesday, February 13th: Miami +6 (lost 50-59)
Monday, February 12th: Fairfield +6.5 (lost 63-81)
Sunday, February 11th: No value; passing.
Saturday, February 10th: Florida St. +1 (loss 69-84), San Jose St. +9 (lost 79-90), Wis-Green Bay +16.5 (won 80-86), SIU Edwardsville +13.5 (winner 66-75), Oral Roberts +6 (lost 75-85)
Friday, February 9th: Dartmouth +7 (won 61-64)
Thursday, February 8th: Idaho St. +6.5 (winner 82-85)
Wednesday, February 7th: Va. Tech -6 (won 85-75)
Tuesday, February 6th: Passing
Monday, February 5th: Southern +2 (won 67-62)
Sunday, February 4th: Passing
Saturday, February 3rd: Illinois St. money line (-240)(won 75-71), Vandy +11.5 (lost 81-93), E. Washington +5 (lost 81-94), Tennessee Martin +10.5 (lost 53-66)
Friday, February 2nd: Princeton money line (-375)(won 76-73)
Thursday, February 1st: Farleigh Dickinson +8 (lost 60-74)***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT***
Wednesday, January 31st: Butler +2 (92-73 BLOWOUT win)
Tuesday, January 30th: Neb-Omaha +14.5 (lost 60-80)
Monday, January 29th: Monmouth +6 (lost 85-92)
Sunday, January 28th: G. Tech +2.5 (winner 70-72)(will update yesterday's scores tomorrow)
Saturday, January 27th: Bama +1 (won 80-73), Denver +8.5 (won 84-68), Oregon St. +8 (lost 57-66), Iowa/Nebraska OVER 148 (won 84-98), Pacific +12 (lost 65-80), Montana -18.5 (lost 82-64)
Friday, January 26th: Dartmouth +5.5 (won 62-64)
Thursday, January 25th: Utah Utes +8 (SU winner 80-77), Santa Clara Broncos +8 (pushed 58-66)
Wednesday, January 24th: Drake +2 (lost 57-80)(posted at 7:27PM EST)
Tuesday, January 23rd: Miami-Ohio +7.5 ***2 UNIT TOP PLAY***(winner 70-61)
Monday, January 22nd: Neb +11.5 (won 59-64)
Sunday, Jauary 21st: Wash St. +10.5 (lost 69-82)
Saturday, January 20th: N. Arizona +10.5 (won 80-84), Montana St. +7 (lost 52-67)
Friday, January 19th: No value; Passing
Thursday, January 18th: Idaho St. +8 (winner 83-87)
Wednesday, January 17th: San Jose St. +17 (pushed 54-71)
Tuesday, January 16th: Ole Miss +9 (winner 69-71)
Monday, January 15th: Miami +4.5 (lost 75-83), W. Virg. -5.5 (lost 66-71).
Sunday, January 14th: Vir -14.5 (winner 68-51)***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT***(6PM EST Tip)
Saturday, January 13th: Portland St. +1 (lost 89-92)(4PM EST Game)
Friday, January 12th: Columbia +9 (lost 56-72)
Thursday, January 11th: UNC Greensboro +8.5 (lost 58-68), FIU +9 (won 79-76), Idaho St. +2 (lost 58-81), UC Riverside +3.5 (lost 65-75), Sacramento St. +9.5 (lost 66-78), Portland St. -8.5 (won 93-74).
Wednesday, January 10th: Louisville +6 ***2 UNIT TOP PLAY ALERT***(winner 73-69)
Tuesday, January 9th: Vandy +1.5 (lost 84-92)
Monday, January 8th: Passing
Sunday, January 7th: NC Wilmington +3.5 (lost 76-96)
Saturday, January 6th: San Diego +13.5 (won 63-70)
Friday, January 5th: James Madison Dukes +7.5 (won 81-87), Princeton Tigers +2.5 (Postponed), UNC Wilmington Seahawks +10 (lost 71-89)
Thursday, January 4th: Idaho St. -5 (winner 93-78)
Wednesday, January 3rd: LSU Tigers +2.5 (lost 71-74), Utah St. Aggies +1 (won 81-79), New Mexico Lobos +9 (lost 62-90), Evansville Purple Aces +5 (winner 63-65)
Tuesday, January 2nd: Colorado St. +7.5 (lost 68-77)
Monday, January 1st: Today's short card offers no value so we gotta pass!
Saturday, December 30th: Saint Mary's -1.5 (winner 74-64)
Friday, December 29th: Passing
Thursday, December 28th: Portand Pilots +19 (lost 45-69)
Wednesday, December 27th: Passing.
Saturday, December 23rd: No value; Passing
Friday, December 22nd: No value; Passing
Thursday, December 21st: Idaho St. +19 (win 71-85)
Wednesday, December 20th: Passing.
Tuesday, December 19th: S. Dakota +7.5 (winner 82-85)
Monday, December 18th: S. Clara -1.5 (lost 68-76).

2016-2017 YTD ATS RECORD 90-63-5 +17.60

Sunday, April 2nd: No games scheduled.
Saturday, April 1st: Zags on moneyline at -260 (won 77-73), Oregon +4.5 (won 76-77)
Friday, March 31st: Wyo -8 (won 83-59)
Thursday, March 30th: TCU -4 (won 88-56)
Wednesday, March 29th: Wyoming -8.5 (won 81-57)
Monday, March 27th: Today's sole game is junk so we're passing.
Sunday, March 26th: Gators -3 (lost 70-77)
Saturday, March 25th: Campbell +6 (lost 64-79)
Friday, March 24th: Fla on the money line (-115)(won 84-83)
Thursday, March 23rd: WVU +3 (pushed 58-61)
Wednesday, March 22nd: UCF on the ML at -165 (won 68-58)
Tuesday, March 21st: Ga. Tech/Ole Miss UNDER 144 (won 74-66)
Monday, March 20th: Campbell -1 (winner 73-56)
Sunday, March 19th: Ark +11 (winner 65-72)
Saturday, March 18th: Northwestern +10.5 (won 73-79)
Friday, March 17th: USC +7 (won 66-65), R.I. -2 (won 84-72), Kent St. +18.5 (won 80-97)
Thursday, March 16th: Florida Gators -10 (3:10PM EST)(winner 80-65), Middle Tennessee St. -1.5 (4PM EST)(won 81-72), North Dakota Fighting Hawks +17.5 (9:50PM EST)(lost 82-100)
Wednesday, March 15th: NC Central -3.5 (lost 63-67)
Tuesday, March 14th: Ole Miss +2 (won 91-83)
Saturday, March 11th: Notre Dame +4.5 (lost 69-75)
Friday, March 10th: Iowa St. -4.5 (won 84-63)
Thursday, March 9th: UTEP +1.5 (3PM EST)(winner 86-76), Hou. Baptist -2.5 (6PM EST)(lost 59-63), Fordham +4 (6PM EST)(lost 71-82), Stephen F. Austin -2 (8:30PM EST)(winner 75-59)
Wednesday, March 8th: Western Kentucky ML (-200)(lost 52-56), Utah St. -4.5 (win 90-64), Southern Miss +11.5 (won 75-86), Lehigh +4.5 (lost 65-81)
Tuesday, March 7th: Gonz -5 (won 74-56), S. Utah +9 (win 109-105)
Monday, March 6th: UNC Greensboro +5 (pushed 79-74), Coppin St +2.5 (lost 73-79)
Sunday, March 5th: Illinois St. +6.5 (lost 51-71), UNC Greensboro -1.5 (won 77-73)
Saturday, March 4th: San Diego St. -1 (loss 59-64), UC Davis +8 (lost 49-79), Santa Clara +1 (won 76-69), S. Utah +6.5 (lost 75-84)
Friday, March 3rd: Princeton -7 (lost 73-69)
Thursday, March 2nd: UL Monroe +8.5 (lost 57-72), UL Lafayette (won 94-84) -6.5, Southern Utah +9.5 (lost 75-91), Holy Cross +2 (lost 42-49)
Wednesday, March 1st: Georgia -5 (loss 79-78), Stl +6.5 (won 70-55), Wash. St. +12.5 (lost 64-87)
Tuesday, February 28th: St. Bon +3 (lost 63-68)
Monday, February 27th: West Va. +1 (lost 62-71)
Sunday, February 26th: E. Carolina +5 (lost 66-74)
Saturday, February 25th: Pacific +1.5 (won 66-67)
Friday, February 24th: Columbia +7.5 (lost 45-64)
Thursday, February 23rd: S. Utah +12 (won 86-93)
Wednesday, February 22nd: Utah St. +1 (won 81-75)
Tuesday, February 21st: Evansville +21 (lost 83-109)
Monday, February 20th: App. St. +7 (lost 66-76)
Sunday, February 19th: Connecticut +3 (winner 64-63)
Saturday, February 18th: Cornell +10.5 (lost 75-87)
Friday, February 17th: Columbia +8 (won 72-78)
Thursday, February 16th: UAB +2.5 (lost 59-74), Fla Atlantic +12 (loss 69-95), Oregon St. +10.5 (winner 52-60), BYU -15.5 (pending), N. Dakota -4.5 (win 77-61)
Wednesday, February 15th: San Jose St. +7.5 (lost 59-77)
Tuesday, February 14th: Toledo +7.5 (won 65-71)
Monday, February 13th: Syr +3 (lost 72-76), Texas St. +1 (won 62-58), Fairfield -3.5 (lost 69-67)
Sunday, February 12th: Temple +6 (won 74-62)
Saturday, February 11th: Gonzaga -4.5 (won 74-64)
Friday, February 10th: Dartmouth +15 (won 64-73), Cornell +16 (winner 60-69), Niagara +10 (94-81)
Thursday, February 9th: UC Riverside +2 (lost 71-78), Oregon St. +17 (lost 66-92), Pepperdine +9 (won 99-83), N. Arizona +5 (won 69-63)
Wednesday, February 8th: Air Force +1 (lost 67-74)
Tuesday, February 7th: Marq -1.5 (lost 68-65)
Monday, February 6th: St. Peter's -3.5 (lost 72-70)
Sunday, February 5th: Clem +7 (lost 109-61 )
Saturday, February 4th: Ariz/Ore UNDER 138.5 (lost 85-58)
Friday, February 3rd: Cornell -3 (lost 81-70)
Thursday, February 2nd: Col +2 (won 81-74)
Wednesday, February 1st: FSU/Mia UNDER 143.5 (won 75-57)
Tuesday, January 31st: Iowa State +3 (lost 85-72)
Monday, January 30th: Drexel +9.5 (lost 108-85)
Sunday, January 29th: St. Peter's +6 (won 66-69)
Saturday, January 28th: William and Mary +6 (won 96-78 ), Pacific +5 (lost 81-60), Columbia +2.5 (won 65-62), Utah St. +1.5 (won 78-65), Idaho +6.5 (won 85-77 OT)
Friday, January 27th: Cornell +6 (pushed 71-77)
Thursday, January 26th: Eastern Wash. +6.5 (won 72-60)
Wednesday, January 25th: Indiana-Purdue (IUPUI) +7 (lost 73-103), Oral Roberts +7.5 (lost 71-81)
Tuesday, January 24th: So. Ill. +17 (lost 45-87), Virginia +1 (won 71-54), Drake +9.5 (won 72-71), Penn St. +15.5 (lost 55-82), Ball St. +7 (won 88-80), Tulane +16 (won 51-65)
Monday, January 23rd: S. Alabama +8.5 (lost 62-74), American +8 (pushed 55-63)
Sunday, January 22nd: Az St +9 (won 79-82)
Saturday, January 21st: Fordham +9.5 (winner 71-68), James Madison +7.5 (lost 60-73), Pacific +8.5 (lost 62-47), South Dakota St. +4 (won 77-67), Sacramento St. +6.5 (won 92-83)
Friday, January 20th: Wis-Mil -1 (pushed 63-62), Fairfield +9 (won 89-96), Quinnipiac +3.5 (win 95-90), Manhattan +13.5 (won 71-82), E. Michigan +4.5 (lost 63-70)
Thursday, January 19th: Arizona St. +18 (lost 80-102)
Wednesday, January 18th: South Dakota St. +7 (won 83-85)
Tuesday, January 17th: NC State -3.5 (win 79-74), Wis.-Milwaukee +4.5 (loss 57-71). Late addition: Miami Ohio +10 (won 58-62) (6:42PM EST)
Monday, January 16th: Seton Hall +14 (lost 46-76), Clev St +14 (won 76-65), Prov +6.5 (won 74-56)
Sunday, January 15th: G. Tech +8.5 (won 86-76)
Saturday, January 14th: Utah Utes +3 (won 82-83), Pepperdine +3.5 (lost 61-75), San Diego +10.5 (won 88-75) Portland +2 (win 78-79)
Friday, January 13th: Rider -1 (lost 73-76)
Thursday, January 12th: J. Madison +4 (won 51-53), Iowa +6 (won 83-78), Morehead St. +4.5 (lost 78-84)
Wednesday, January 11th: Loyola Chicago +15.5 (won 75-87), Seton Hall +5.5 (won 86-89), Bradley +3.5 (won 72-61), North Dakota St. -2 (lost 70-69)
Tuesday, January 10th: G. Mason +4 (won 75-67), Vandy +11.5 (won 81-87), Missouri +1 (lost 72-77)
Monday, January 9th: Appalachian St. +5 (win 70-57)
Sunday, January 8th: Oakland/Illinois Chicago UNDER 153 (winner 58-57)
Saturday, January 7th: Our guy got caught in a snow storm and has a bad internet connection today so he has to pass.
Friday, January 6th: Iona +5.5 (lost 74-92)
Thursday: Northeastern -11.5 (won 90-54), J. Madison +7.5 (won 62-54), Ohio St. +3.5 (won 75-76), California +10.5 (won 71-81), SIU Edwardsville +6 (lost 61-78)
Wednesday, January 4th: Mass +3.5 (lost 81-86), Stl +15.5 (lost 54-76), ND -1 (won 77-70), SMU -11.5 (won 79-65), Utah State -1 (win 79-75). Note: Computer picks have started today! Find these in the upper right menu of any page in our college hoops section!
Tuesday, January 3rd: TCU -11 (lost 60-57)
Monday, January 2nd: W. Carolina +8 (won 65-70)
Sunday, January 1st: Drake +7 (lost 69-83)

Previous Seasons:

2015-2016 YTD ATS RECORD 75-55-5 +12.47

Monday, April 4th: North Carolina Tar Heels -2.5 (pending)
Saturday, April 2nd: UNC -9.5 (win 83-66) and Oklahoma +2.5 (lost 51-95)
Friday, April 1st: Nevada -3 (pushed 85-82)
Thursday, March 31st: George Washington +2 (won 76-60)
Wednesday, March 30th: Oakland Golden Grizzlies -1.5 (lost 67-68)
Tuesday, March 29th: Oakland moneyline -280 (won 104-81)
Monday, March 28th: East Tenn. St. +2.5 (won 88-83)
Sunday, March 27th: UNC -9 (won 88-74)
Saturday, March 26th: Sooners +2 (won 80-68)
Friday, March 25th: Syracuse +4.5 (win 63-60)
Thursday, March 24th: Sooners -3 (won 77-63)
Wednesday, March 23rd: Gators +2 (lost 77-82)
Tuesday, March 22nd: Valpo on the moneyline -155 (won 60-44)
Monday, March 21st: Georgia Tech +3.5 (won 83-66)
Sunday, March 20th: Syracuse -6 (win 75-50)
Saturday, March 19th: Virginia -7.5 (win 77-69)
Friday, March 18th: Xavier -13 (won 73-51)
Thursday, March 17th: Fresno State +9 (lost 69-80)
Wednesday, March 16th: Va. Tech -3.5 (won 86-81)
Tuesday, March 15th: Vandy +3.5 (lost 50-70)
Monday, March 14th: Passing
Sunday, March 13th: Texas AM +4 (lost 77-82) and Purdue +5 (won 62-66)
Saturday, March 12th: Virginia Cavaliers +2.5 (loss 57-61)
Friday, March 11th: Nevada +7.5 (lost 55-67), Nebraska +8 (lost 86-97), Cal St. Bakersfield -11.5 (won 72-47)
Thursday, March 10th: Nebraska +6 (won 70-58)
Wednesday, March 9th: Washington St. +9.5 (lost 56-80)
Tuesday, March 8th: Sacramento St. +2.5 (win 79-75)
Monday, March 7th: Pepperdine +7.5 (lost 66-81)
Sunday, March 6th: Maryland +5 (lost 62-80)
Saturday, March 5th: Porltand +15.5 (lost 67-92)
Friday, March 4th: Delaware +7 (won 63-67)
Thursday, March 3rd: Massachusetts +10 (lost 50-68)
Wednesday, March 2nd: St. Bonaventure +3.5 (won 98-90)
Tuesday, March 1st: Georgia Tech +13 (win 53-56)
Monday, February 29th: UT-Chat/VMI OVER 144 (lost 132)
Sunday, February 28th: Colorado St. +2.5 (lost 80-87)
Friday, February 26th: Rider +9.5 (lost 58-79)
Thursday, February 25th: Stanford at a pick'em (won 84-64)
Wednesday, February 24th: Wyoming +4.5 (lost 61-73)
Tuesday, February 23rd: Rutgers +12.5 (lost 83-61)
Monday, February 22nd: Kansas St. -1 (lost 70-71)
Sunday, February 21st: Washington St. +10 (lost 62-80)
Saturday, February 20th: Georgia Southern +5.5 (lost 61-75)
Friday, February 19th: Yale +3 (loss 63-75)
Thursday, February 18th: Portland Pilots +10 (2.2 units to win 2 units)(won 72-74)
Wednesday, February 17th: Arkansas -15.5 (lost 86-90)
Tuesday, February 16th: Texas on the ML -145 (pending)
Monday, February 15th: Quinnipiac +15 (loss 59-78), Morgan St. +10 (won 79-87)
Sunday, February 14th: Minnesota +19.5 (win 71-75), USC +9.5 (won 78-86), Niagra +9.5 (lost 59-77)
Saturday, February 13th: Brown Bears +4 (lost 70-87)
Friday, February 12th: Rider +4.5 (won 78-79), ASU +1 (win 74-67), Brown +6.5 (won 73-79)
Thursday, February 11th: San Francisco +8 (lost 89-114)
Wednesday, February 10th: Marquette +1.5 (won 96-91)
Tuesday, February 9th: Ole Miss +9 (won 72-77)
Monday, February 8th: VMI +12 (lost 60-92)
Sunday, February 7th: Passing
Saturday, February 6th: Air Force +11.5 (won 61-53), New Mexico +5 (lost 71-78), Fresno St. +2.5 (win 111-104), San Diego +13.5 (loss 43-60), Cal Poly SLO +3.5 (lost 60-75), Northern Arizona +4.5 (won 72-70), Southern Utah +10.5 (lost 67-81)
Friday, February 5th: Dartmouth +1 ***2 UNIT TOP PLAY*** (lost 64-71)
Thursday, February 4th: Southern Utah +2 (lost 44-68)
Wednesday, February 3rd: Cal State Northridge +5 (win 93-91)
Tuesday, February 2nd: Rider on the moneyline -125 (lost 57-65)
Monday, February 1st: No. Kentucky +6 (lost 74-85)
Sunday, January 31st: S. Florida +8 (won 63-70)
Saturday, January 30th: Pacific +11.5 (won 65-68), Pepperdine +11 (pushed 77-88) and San Diego St. +4 (won 67-52)
Friday, January 29th: Northern Kentucky +8 (win 91-83)
Thursday, January 28th: Southern Utah +5.5 (lost 68-87)
Wednesday, January 27th: No value; Paassing
Tuesday, January 26th: West Va. -10.5 (won 70-55)
Monday, January 25th: Miami Hurricanes MONEYLINE -175 (won 80-69)
Sunday, January 24th: Passing
Saturday, January 23rd: San Diego +5.5 (win 63-67) and Pepperdine +2.5 (won 71-65)
Friday, January 22nd: Marist +2 (lost 76-88) and St. Peters +8 (won 58-64)
Thursday, January 21st: Nebraska-Omaha/Denver OVER 148 (lost 124)
Wednesday, January 20th: Penn +11.5 (lost 60-75)
Tuesday, January 19th: Miss. St. +11.5 (won 78-81)
Monday, January 18th: Arkansas State +7 (won 76-73)
Sunday, January 17th: No value; Passing
Saturday, January 16th: CS Fullerton +7.5 (won 79-86)
Friday, January 15th: Niagara +8 (won 68-73)
Thursday, January 14th: Pacific Tigers +20 (won 62-78)
Wednesday, January 13th: Tenn Tech/Tenn Martin UNDER 143.5 (lost 186)
Tuesday, January 12th: West Virginia +2.5 (win 74-63), Drake +16.5 (loss 65-84), Providence +2.5 (won 50-48)
Sunday, January 10th: Passing
Saturday, January 9th: Pacific Tigers +3.5 (won 60-58), San Francisco +17.5 (won 92-102), Oregon St. +2.5 (won 77-71), Santa Clara +1.5 (won 65-53), UC Santa Barbara +8.5 (won 57-65)
Friday, January 8th: Passing, no value.
Thursday, January 7th: Pacific +9.5 (won 76-81)
Wednesday, January 6th: Air Force +5.5 (lost 52-64)
Tuesday, January 5th: Providence -9.5 (lost 64-65)
Monday, January 4th: Cleveland State +8 (pushed 80-88)
Sunday, January 3rd: South Dakota +6 (won 94-84)
Saturday, January 2nd: SIU Edwardsville +7.5 (lost 63-86)
Friday, January 1st: Wash. St. +2.5 (lost 77-90)
Thursday, December 31st: Santa Clara Broncos +15.5 (won 77-79)
Wednesday, December 30th: Penn St +15.5 (5PM EST)(won 64-70)
Tuesday, December 29th: Cal St. Fullerton +2.5 (lost 82-89)
Monday, December 28th: Iona -9.5 (lost 77-70), Morehead St. -5 (lost 72-78) and Wash. -9 (lost 78-83)
Sunday, December 27th: Passing
Thursday, December 24th: No games scheduled.
Wednesday, December 23rd: University of Portland +2.5 (won 87-79)
Tuesday, December 22nd: Penn St. +6.5 (won 70-71)
Monday, December 21st: Western Illinois +7.5 (win 67-72)
Sunday, December 20th: No value; Passing
Saturday, December 19th: Tennessee Vols +9.5 (win 79-86)
Friday, December 18th: Santa Clara +8.5 (won 69-72)
Thursday, December 17th: Marshall +20.5 (won 68-86)
Wednesday, December 16th: Southern Utah +19.5 (loss 36-92)
Tuesday, December 15th: San Diego +2.5 (won SU 61-55)
Monday, December 14th: No value; Passing!
Sunday, December 13th: St. Johns +8.5 (won 84-72), Yale +7 (lost 56-68), UC Santa Barbara +10.5 (lost 68-86)
Saturday, December 12th: Utah Utes +2 (lost 50-67)
Friday, December 11th: No value on tonight's 2 game card; Passing!
Thursday, December 10th: No value; Passing
Wednesday, December 9th: Yale +4 (pushed 65-69)
Tuesday, December 8th: San Jose St. +18 (pushed 62-80)
Monday, December 7th: Brown +18.5 (win 57-74)
Sunday, December 6th: Passing.
Saturday, December 5th: Boise St. on the moneyline (-300) for a half unit (Risking 1.5 units for .5 units) (won 81-71)
Friday, December 4th: Pacific +5.5 (win 67-70)
Thursday, December 3rd: SIU Edwardsville +16 (won 51-64)
Wednesday, December 2nd: Penn St. +1 (win 67-58)
Tuesday, December 1st: Louisiana Tech +4 (lost 68-94)

2014-2015 YTD ATS RECORD 103-100-4 -10.8

Monday, April 6th: Duke +1 (win)
Saturday, April 4th: Badgers/Wildcats UNDER 131.5 (loss)
Friday, April 3rd: No games scheduled.
Thursday, April 2nd: Passing
Wednesday, April 1st: UL Monroe -2 (loss)
Tuesday, March 31st: Stanford -3 (win)
Monday, March 30th: UL Monroe +6 (loss)
Sunday, March 29th: Duke -2 (win)
Saturday, March 28th: Wisconsin Badgers +1.5 (win)
Friday, March 27th: UCLA +8.5 (loss), North Carolina State +2.5 (loss), Duke -5 (win) and Oklahoma +1.5 (loss)
Thursday, March 26th: Arizona -11 (loss)
Wednesday, March 25th: Old Dominion -2 (win)
Tuesday, March 24th: Passing
Monday, March 23rd: Seattle +5.5 (win)
Sunday, March 22nd: Iowa +6 (loss), Northern Iowa -2 (loss), San Diego State +9 (loss)
Saturday, March 21st: Villanova -9.5 (loss)
Friday, March 20th: North Dakota St. +17 (win)
Thursday, March 19th: Harvard +10 (win), Northeastern +11.5 (win), Cincinnati -1 (push)
Wednesday, March 18th: Vandy +2.5 (win)
Tuesday, March 17th: NC Central +8.5 (win)
Sunday, March 15th: Arkansas +13.5 (loss)
Saturday, March 14th: UNC -3 (loss)
Friday, March 13th: Northwestern St. +13 (win)
Thursday, March 12th: Providence, +1 (win), Fresno St. +8 (loss) and UC Davis -9 (loss)
Wednesday, March 11th: Missouri +8 (loss), Miss. Valley St. +13 (win), McNeese State -4 (loss), Nicholls St. +2 (loss)
Tuesday, March 10th: Va. Tech +4.5 (win) and Penn +4 (loss)
Monday, March 9th: Oral Roberts +3 (loss), Furman +11 (win), South Dakota +8.5 (loss), Manhattan +3.5 (win), Hampton -5 (win)
Sunday, March 8th: Furman +9.5 (win)
Saturday, March 7th: Oklahoma St. +6 (loss), Brown +14 (win) and Utah State +2.5 (loss)
Friday, March 6th: Texas Tech +15 (win)
Thursday, March 5th: Marist +7 (win)
Wednesday, March 4th: St. Louis +3.5 (loss)
Tuesday, March 3rd: Kansas -9.5 (loss)
Monday, March 2nd: Boston College -1 (win) - 3/2
Sunday, March 1st: Pit/Wake OVER 139 (loss)
Saturday, February 28th: Miami +1 (loss), Kansas St. +3.5 (win), Duquesne +7 (loss), Southern Utah +3.5 (win)
Friday, February 27th: Cleveland St. -3.5 (loss)
Thursday, February 26th: Delaware -1 (win), Citadel +6.5 (win), Furman +4 (win)
Wednesday, February 25th: George Mason +13 (push), Wake Forest +7.5 (loss), Youngstown St. +10.5 (loss), Duquesne -4.5 (win), Fordham +4 (win), St. Bonaventure +6 (loss)
Tuesday, February 24th: Miami Ohio +3 (win)
Monday, February 23rd: Xavier +1 (push) and Ga. Tech +6.5 (win)
Sunday, February 22nd: St. Louis +5 (win)
Saturday, February 21st: Bowling Green -2 (loss), Western Michigan +1 (loss), Duquesne +8 (win), San Francisco +2.5 (win), George Mason +5.5 (loss), Kentucky -25.5 (win), Penn +9.5 (win), Fresno St. +5.5 (loss)
Friday, February 20th: Harvard -16 (win)
Thursday, February 19th: Southern Miss +15.5 (loss), Troy +11 (win), Rutgers +14.5 (loss), NC Greensboro +11.5 (loss)
Wednesday, February 18th: Colorado +5 (loss)
Tuesday, February 17th: St. Louis/Va. Commonwealth OVER 131.5 ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT***(loss)
Monday, February 16th: Boston College +3.5 (win) and Creighton +2.5 (win)
Sunday, February 15th: Missouri St. +9.5 (loss), Youngstown St. +4 (win), Drexel +3.5 (loss), Nebraska +7.5 (loss), Quinnipiac +1.5 (loss)
Saturday, February 14th: East Carolina +12.5 (loss), Florida State +4.5 (win), San Diego +2 (loss), George Mason +4.5 (win), San Jose St. +18.5 (win), Florida Intl +15 (loss), Brown +2 (win), Pepperdine +19 (win), Penn St. -1 (loss), North Dakota St. +7.5 (loss)
Friday, February 13th: Niagra +4 (loss) and Manhattan +2 (loss)
Thursday, February 12th: North Texas +4 (win), Pepperdine +4.5 (loss), Pacific +9 (loss), North Dakota St. +3.5 (win), Southern Utah +10.5 (win)
Wednesday, February 11th: Syr/BC OVER 132.5 (loss)
Tuesday, February 10th: St. Louis +8 (win)
Monday, February 9th: Boston U +7.5 (win)
Sunday, February 8th: Oakland +8.5 (win)
Saturday, February 7th: Loyola Marymount +8. (loss)
Friday, February 6th: Dayton +3 (win), Penn +5.5 (win), High Point +3 (loss)
Thursday, February 5th: Pepperdine +2.5 (win)
Wednesday, February 4th: St. Bonaventure +7.5 (win), Air Force +3 (win), Missouri +10 (loss)
Tuesday, February 3rd: Oklahoma -5.5 (win), DePaul +2.5 (win), Utah St. +1.5 (loss), NC Greensboro +7 (win)
Monday, February 2nd: Siena +2.5 (win), Morgan St. +4.5 (loss)
Sunday, February 1st: Passing
Saturday, January 31st: Southern Utah +2.5 (loss)
Friday, January 30th: Princeton +4.5 (win) and Columbia +2 (loss)
Thursday, January 29th: Ohio St. -7.5 (win)
Wednesday, January 28th: Fordham +9 (win)
Tuesday, January 27th: Kansas St. -1 (loss), Va. Commonwealth -7.5 (win), Ohio +5 (loss), Indiana St. +6.5 (loss), Fresno St. +14 (win), Colorado St. +1.5 (loss)
Monday, January 26th: Army +5.5 (win)
Sunday, January 25th: Pitt +6.5 (loss)
Saturday, January 24th: San Diego St. +2 (loss), George Mason +6 (loss), Loyola Marymount +9.5 (win), Santa Clara +2 (win), SIU Edwardsville +11 (win)
Friday, January 23rd: Saint Louis +12.5 (win)
Thursday, January 22nd: Passing
Wednesday, January 21st: Missouri +9 (loss), Delaware +7.5 (loss), Buffalo +2.5 (win), San Jose St. +21 (loss)
Tuesday, January 20th: Nevada +1 (loss)
Monday, January 19th: Florida St. +4.5 (win) and Oklahoma +5 (loss)
Sunday, January 18th: Passing
Saturday, January 17th: Brown +3.5 (loss), Pacific +2.5 (win), BYU +2 (loss), North Dakota +2.5 (loss), Sacramento State +1 (win)
Friday, January 16th: Marist +8 (win)
Thursday, January 15th: Portland St. +5 (loss)
Wednesday, January 14th: Georgia Tech +4 (win) and Nevada +10.5 (loss)
Monday, January 13th: Tennessee Vols +3 (win)
Sunday, January 11th: Oregon St. +10 (win)
Saturday, January 10th: Pepperdine +4.5 (win) and Utah State -1 (loss)
Friday, January 9th: Passing
Thursday, January 8th: Oregon +6 (loss)
Wednesday, January 7th: Nevada +10 (win)
Tuesday, January 6th: New Mexico +8 (loss)
Monday, January 5th: Arkansas St. +1.5 (loss)
Sunday, January 4th: USC +11 (loss) and UNLV +13 (loss)
Saturday, January 3rd: Santa Clara +3 (win), San Francisco +5 (loss), Southern Utah +11 (loss) and Portland St. Vikings on the moneyline at -160 (loss)
Friday, January 2nd: Cal at a pick'em (win)
Thursday, January 1st: Pepperdine +4 (loss)
Wednesday, December 31st: Drake +16 (win) and Marq/DePaul OVER 149 (loss)
Tuesday, December 30th: Cal Poly SLO at a pick'em (win)
Monday, December 29th: San Diego +10.5 (loss)
Sunday, December 28th: Arkansas -22 (loss)
Saturday, December 27th: BYU +5 (loss)
Wednesday, December 24th: No games scheduled. Happy Holidays!
Tuesday, December 23rd: Hawaii +13.5 (win) and Loyola Chicago +3.5 (win)
Monday, December 22nd: Temple +8 (win)
Sunday, December 21st: Passing
Saturday, December 20th: Jacksonville St. +9 (push)
Friday, December 19th: Idaho St. +10 (loss)
Thursday, December 18th: South Fla. +4.5 (loss)
Wednesday, December 17th: Winthrop +9 (loss)
Tuesday, December 16th: College of Charleston +9 (win) and Belmont +13 (loss)
Monday, December 15th: Ga. Southern +7 (win)
Sunday, December 14th: Passing
Saturday, December 13th: Washington St. +5 (loss)
Friday, December 12th: Crappy 2-game card; Passing.
Thursday, December 11th: Eastern Washington +4 (win), San Diego +7.5 (win), Idaho +2 (loss) and Elon +13.5 (win)
Wednesday, December 10th: Colorado -5.5 (loss)
Tuesday, December 9th: New Hampshire +10 (win)
Monday, December 8th: Bulter -24.5 (win)
Sunday, December 7th: Passing
Saturday, December 6th: Oregon St. +6.5 (win)
Friday, December 5th: Passing
Thursday, December 4th: Wisconsin Green Bay +4 (loss)
Wednesday, December 3rd: UTEP +5.5 (win), Idaho +8 (win), Tulane +6.5 (win).
Tuesday, December 2nd: Wake Forest +4.5 (loss)
Monday, December 1st: Nebraska -2 (win)
Sunday, November 30th: Passing
Saturday, November 29th: Eastern Kentucky +16.5 (win)

2013-2014 YTD ATS RECORD 112-91-2 +7.20 Units

Sunday, April 6th: Kentucky/UConn UNDER 135 (win)
Saturday, April 5th: Wisconsin Badgers +1 (push)
Friday, April 4th: Passing
Thursday, April 3rd: Murray St. -7.5 (pending)
Wednesday, April 2nd: Passing
Tuesday, April 1st: Pacific Tigers +6 (loss)
Monday, March 31st: Siena +8 (win)
Sunday, March 30th: No value; Passing!
Saturday, March 29th: Florida -10 (push)
Friday, March 28th: Tennessee +2.5 (win)
Thursday, March 27th: Dayton +3 (win), Wisconsin -3.5 (win) and Arizona -8 (loss)
Wednesday, March 26th: SMU -8 (loss)
Tuesday, March 25th: Clemson -7 (loss)
Monday, March 24th: Princeton +3 (loss)
Sunday, March 23rd: Tennessee -8.5 (win)
Saturday, March 22nd: Dayton +7 (win), Texas +5 (loss), Harvard +7.5 (win), North Dakota St. +3 (loss), VMI +1.5 (win), Columbia -2 (win), Sam Houston St. +1.5 (loss)
Friday, March 21st: Tennessee -6 (win). Wichita St. -16 (win), Coastal Carolina +20.5 (win), Stephen F. Austin +7 (win), Belmont -9 (win), Oklahoma St. -3 (loss)
Thursday, March 20th: Wofford +15 (loss), Harvard +3 (win), Delaware +14 (loss), North Dakota St. +3.5 (win)
Wednesday, March 19th: Vermont +5 (loss)
Tuesday, March 18th: Columbia +3.5 (win)
Monday, March 17th: Passing
Sunday, March 16th: St. Joseph's +4.5 (win)
Saturday, March 15th: New Mexico +1.5 (win)
Friday, March 14th: Pitt Panthers pick'em (win)
Thursday, March 13th: California pick'em (loss)
Wednesday, March 12th: Oregon St. +7 (loss)
Tuesday, March 11th: IUPU-Fort Wayne (IPFW) +8.5 (win)
Monday, March 10th: IUPU-Fort Wayne +3 (IPFW) (win)
Sunday, March 9th: Ohio St. -3.5 (loss)
Saturday, March 8th: Duke -8.5 (win)
Friday, March 7th: Penn +9.5 (loss) and Yale +6.5 (loss)
Thursday, March 6th: Sacramento St. +1 (loss)
Wednesday, March 5th: UNLV +2.5 (loss)
Tuesday, March 4th: Buffalo +2 (loss), Bowling Green -1 (loss), Alabama +13 (win)
Monday, March 3rd: Couldn't find any value; passing!
Sunday, March 2nd: UAB +3.5 (loss)
Saturday, March 1st: Oklahoma St. -1 (win), Virginia -4 (win), Appalachian St. +7.5 (loss), Southern Utah +15.5 (loss), North Dakota St. -10.5 (loss), Sacramento St. +5 (loss)
Friday, February 28th: Dartmouth +4 (loss)
Thursday, February 27th: Ark +10.5 (win), Duquesne +14 (win), San Fran +2 (win), E. Wash +7 (win), S. Utah +13.5 (win), Ind +4 (win)
Wednesday, February 26th: Texas AM +10 (loss)
Tuesday, February 25th: Air Force +7.5 (win)
Monday, February 24th: Furman +7 (loss)
Sunday, February 23rd: Purdue +5 (loss)
Saturday, February 22nd: UT Arlington +2 (win), Princeton +2.5 (loss), Pacific +5.5 (win), Nebraska Omaha +9 (loss)
Friday, February 21st: Rider Broncs +4.5 (win)
Thursday, February 20th: Southern Utah +4 (loss)
Wednesday, February 19th: LaSalle +8 (loss)
Tuesday, February 18th: Virginia Tech +11 (win)
Monday, February 17th: NC Wilminton +9 (loss)
Sunday, February 16th: We can't find any value so are passing.
Saturday, February 15th: Wisc. Green Bay +2.5 (win), Air Force +17 (win), Arkansas Little Rock +2.5 (loss), Pepperdine +4.5 (loss), East Carolina +3 (win), Valparaiso +1 (win), Loyola Chicago +5.5 (loss), Kentucky -2 (loss), Cal St. Fullerton +4.5 (win), Montana +3 (loss) and Southern Utah +5.5 (loss). Late Adds: Cornell +16 (loss).
Friday, February 14th: Columbia +6 (win)
Thursday, February 13th: Sacramento State +6.5 ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT*** (loss), Sacramento St. moneyline +255 (loss) and South Dakota St/Nebraska Omaha UNDER 155.5 (win)
Wednesday, February 12th: Ohio +4.5 (loss) and Bradley +2 (loss)
Tuesday, February 11th: Michigan +4 (win)
Monday, February 10th: Furman +13 (win)
Sunday, February 9th: We posted our pick here (St. Johns +3) and then accidentally overwrote it. The pick was posted on our main college basketball page ( so we hope you got it there! For records purposes, we will NOT be counting this play in our records due to it not showing on this page. We're sorry for the inconvenience. We had a hard drive burn up and were using a backup computer then switched to a different computer that overwrote this page. Ugh!
Saturday, February 8th: Boston College +10 (loss), Weber State -7 (win), Southern Utah +15.5 (win), South Dakota +11.5 (win), TCU +19.5 (win), Pepperdine +4.5 (win), Air Force +3 (loss), Brown +1 (win), Penn +2 (win)
Friday, February 7th: Brown +16 (win) and Seton Hall +12.5 (loss)
Thursday, February 6th: San Francisco +2 (win)
Wednesday, February 5th: St. Bonaventure +1.5 (loss) and Colorado St. ML (-125)(win)
Tuesday, February 4th: Georgia Tech +6.5 (win) and St. John's +3 (win)
Monday, February 3rd: Fairfield +9.5 (win)
Sunday, February 2nd: Passing!
Saturday, February 1st: Cornell +17 (win), Boise St. +1.5 (loss), Portland +2.5 (win), Southern Utah +7.5 (win)
Friday, January 31st: Penn +2.5 (loss) and Columbia +3 (loss)
Thursday, January 30th: St. Mary's/San Diego OVER 129 (loss)
Wednesday, January 29th: Santa Clara Broncos +11 (win)
Tuesday, January 28th: Eastern Illinois +8.5 (loss) and Iowa -5 (loss)
Monday, January 27th: Villanova -6 (loss)
Sunday, January 26th: Dartmouth +11.5 (loss)
Saturday, January 25th: Western Illinois +2.5 ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT*** (loss), Southern Utah +14.5 (win), San Diego +5.5 (win), Pepperdine +6.5 (loss) and Brown -1 (win)
Friday, January 24th: Vermont +2.5 (loss)
Thursday, January 23rd: Loyola Marymount +7 ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT*** (win), UC Davis +7.5 (loss), Den/Neb-Omaha OVER 136 points (loss)
Wednesday, January 22nd: Northeastern +5.5 (win), LaSalle +3 (loss), San Jose St. +13 (loss)
Tuesday, January 21st: Wisconsin Milwaukee +7.5 (loss)
Monday, January 20th: Idaho State +9.5 (win)
Sunday, January 19th: Iona -10.5 (win)
Saturday, January 18th: Miami at a pick'em (win), Pitt +4.5 (loss), So. Utah +25 (win)
Friday, January 17th: Wisconsin Green Bay -1 (win)
Thursday, January 16th: North Dakota St. -12.5 (win) ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT!***
Wednesday, January 15th: Fresno State +14.5 (win)
Tuesday, January 14th: Western Michigan +4 (loss), Towson +2.5 (win), Arkansas -1 (win)
Monday, January 13th: Kansas Jayhawks +2.5 (win)
Sunday, January 12th: Tulsa +3 (win)
Saturday, January 11th: Western Illinois +2 (win)
Friday, January 10th: Fairfield Stags +12 (win)
Thursday, January 9th: Oregon St. +1.5 (win)
Wednesday, January 8th: Boise St. +7 (win)
Tuesday, January 7th: TCU +3.5 (loss)
Monday, January 6th: Furman +6 (loss)
Sunday, January 5th: San Diego State +10.5 (win)
Saturday, January 4th: Pepperdine Waves +4.5 (loss), Loyola Marymount Lions +3 (loss) , BYU Cougars -12.5 (win), Sacramento St. Hornets +13 (win)
Friday, January 3rd: Nebraska Omaha +9 (win)
Thursday, January 2nd: Pepperine +5 (win), South Alabama -2.5 (loss), St. Marys +7.5 (loss), Sacramento St. +8 (loss), Southern Utah +17 (win)
Wednesday, January 1st: Air Force +7.5 (win) and Colorado St. +3.5 (loss)
Tuesday, December 31st: DePaul +13.5 (win)
Monday, December 30th: Marshall +8.5 (loss) Toledo/Kansas OVER 151.5 (win), James Madison -7 (loss), San Diego +4 (win), Pepperdine +6.5 (win)
Sunday, December 29th: Passing
Saturday, December 28th: San Francisco +7 (win)
Friday, December 27th: UL Monroe +24.5 (loss)
Thursday, December 26th: No games scheduled.
Wednesday, December 25th: Passing!
Tuesday, December 24th: No games scheduled.
Monday, December 23rd: South Carolina +6 (loss), Hawaii +3 (win) and South Florida -2.5 (loss)
Sunday, December 22nd: UL Monroe +7.5 (loss)
Saturday, December 21st: Texas +2.5 (loss), Air Force pick'em (loss), Citadel +25 (win), BYU +9 (win) and Portland +4.5 (win)
Friday, December 20th: Nebraska-Omaha +16 (win)
Thursday, December 19th: Tennessee St. +12.5 (win) and Utah -14 (win)
Wednesday, December 18th: Stanford +6.5 (win)
Tuesday, December 17th: Alabama +2 (loss) and UC Irvine +13 (loss)
Monday, December 16th: Delaware +7 ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT*** (loss)
Sunday, December 15th: Chicago St. +14 (win)
Saturday, December 14th: South Dakota St. +2.5 (win)
Friday, December 13th: Memphis Tigers -21.5 (loss)
Thursday, December 12th: Boston College +1.5 (loss)
Wednesday, December 11th: Denver +8.5 (win)
Tuesday, December 10th: Wisconsin Green Bay -2.5 ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT*** (loss)
Monday, December 9th: Tonight's 2 game card offers no value; Passing!
Sunday, December 8th: Passing
Saturday, December 7th: Colorado Buffaloes -1 (win)
Friday, December 6th: Baylor Bears +4.5 (win)
Thursday, December 5th: San Diego +6 (win)
Wednesday, December 4th: Virginia Cavaliers -4 (loss)
Tuesday, December 3rd: Georgia Tech -2 (win)
Monday, December 2nd: Passing

2012-2013 YTD ATS RECORD 60-42-3 +7.90 Units

Monday, April 8th: Louisville Cardinals -4 (win)
Saturday, April 6th: Louisville -10 (loss) and Syracuse +2 (loss)
Sunday, March 31st: Duke +3.5 (loss) and Florida -3 (loss)
Saturday, March 30th: Syracuse -4.5 (win)
Friday, March 29th: Louisville Cardinals -10.5 (loss)
Thursday, March 28th: Marquette +6 (win)
Wednesday, March 27th: Iowa/Virginia UNDER 123.5 (loss)
Tuesday, March 26th: Alabama -4 (loss)
Monday, March 25th: S. Miss -7.5 (win) and West. Michigan +6 (win)
Sunday, March 24th: Kansas -6.5 (win)
Saturday, March 23rd: Cal +7.5 (win)
Friday, March 22nd: Kansas St. moneyline (-260)(loss)
Thursday, March 21st: Memphis -1.5 (winner)
Wednesday, March 20th: North Dakota St. at a pick'em (loss)
Tuesday, March 19th: Liberty +3 (win)
Monday, March 18th: NO GAMES SCHEDUED
Sunday, March 17th: Wisconsin +1.5 (loss)
Saturday, March 16th: Montana +1 (win)
Friday, March 15th: UTEP +2.5 (4PM EST)(loss) and Delaware St. +3.5 (loss)
Thursday, March 14th: St. Joseph's -1 (push)
Wednesday, March 13th: Central Ark. +5.5 (loss), Marshall/Tulane OVER 140.5 (loss), Buffalo/Ball St. OVER 135 (win)
Tuesday, March 12th: Long Island -3.5 (win)
Monday, March 11th: James Madison/Northeastern OVER 127 (push)
Sunday, March 10th: Mich. St. -18 (loss)
Saturday, March 9th: UT Arlington +9 (win)
Friday, March 8th: Yale +4 (win), Stetson +5 (loss) and Penn +5 (win)
Thursday, March 7th: UMass FIRST HALF -0.5 (loss) and UC Riverside +13 (win)
Wednesday, March 6th: Mississippi St. +9 (win) and Eastern Ill./SE Missouri St. OVER 137 (win)
Tuesday, March 5th: Eastern Mich./Central Mich. OVER 118.5 (win)
Monday, March 4th: Texas Longhorns on the ML +100 (win)
Sunday, March 3rd: Iona -16.5 (win)
Saturday, March 2nd: The Citadel +12 (win)
Friday, March 1st: Yale +3.5 (loss)
Thursday, February 28th: We forgot to post a pick here!
Wednesday, February 27th: Penn St. +13 (win) and Purdue +9.5 (loss)
Tuesday, February 26th: Nebraska +16 (loss)
Monday, February 25th: Marquette +1.5 (win)
Sunday, February 24th: Temple/Charlotte OVER 141.5 (loss)
Saturday, February 23rd: Bradley/Illinois-Chicago OVER 129 (loss)
Friday, February 22nd: Saint Louis +3 (win)
Thursday, February 21st: Passing
Wednesday, February 20th: Illinois St. -1 (loss) and Furman +22 (loss)
Tuesday, February 19th: San Diego State -11 (win)
Monday, February 18th: Villanova -10.5 (loss)
Sunday, February 17th: James Madison +5 (win)
Saturday, February 16th: San Diego St. +4 (win)
Friday, February 15th: Brown +4 (win)
Thursday, February 14th: Duquesne +16.5 (win)
Wednesday, February 13th: Connecticut +4.5 (win)
Tuesday, February 12th: Wright State at a pick'em (loss)
Monday, February 11th: Furman +6.5 (win)
Sunday, February 10th: Passed
Saturday, February 9th: Air Force +4 (loss) and Portland St. +5.5 (loss)
Friday, February 8th: Yale +1 (win) and Dartmouth +11.5 (win)
Thursday, February 7th: Florida Atlantic +6.5 (loss)
Wednesday, February 6th: Bowling Green -2.5 (win)
Tuesday, February 5th: Evansville +1.5 (loss)
Monday, February 4th: Not enough value in any single game to make a play; PASSING!
Sunday, February 3rd: Iowa +9.5 (win) and Wisconsin -1 (win)
Saturday, February 2nd: Evansville/Missouri St. OVER 123 (push)
Friday, February 1st: Yale +10.5 (win)
Thursday, January 31st: ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT*** South Alabama +8.5 (loss)
Wednesday, January 30th: UMass +8.5 (win) and Central Florida +2.5 (win)
Tuesday, January 29th: Indiana St. +12 (win)
Monday, January 28th: Pitt +6 (win) and Portland St/E. Washington UNDER 137.5 (loss)
Sunday, January 27th: Florida International +5 (win)
Saturday, January 26th: Old Dominion/James Madison UNDER 126.5 (win)
Friday, January 25th: Wisconsin GB/Wisconsin MIL UNDER 128.5 (win)
Thursday, January 24th: Florida Atlantic +6 (win) and Florida International +2 (win)
Wednesday, January 23rd: LaSalle -2.5 (loss)
Tuesday, January 22nd: Wisconsin -5.5 (loss)
Monday, January 21st: Texas +7 (win) and Detroit -10.5 (loss)
Sunday, January 20th: No value; passing!
Saturday, January 19th: Colorado St. -3 (win), Western Illinois +4 (win) and Montana St. +13.5 (win)
Friday, January 18th: 2 game card; no value. Passing!
Thursday, January 17th: Seattle/UT Arlington UNDER 134.5 (win)
Wednesday, January 16th: Iowa St. -9 (loss)
Tuesday, January 15th: St. John's +6 (win)
Monday, January 14th: Louisville -6.5 (win)
Sunday, January 13th: St. Peters +2 (loss)
Saturday, January 12th: Dayton pick'em (loss)
Friday, January 11th: Siena +7.5 (win)
Thursday, January 10th: St. Mary's/Gonzaga UNDER 146.5 (loss)
Wednesday, January 9th: West Virginia +4.5 (win)
Tuesday, January 8th: Pitt Panthers +1.5 (win)
Monday, January 7th: Southern Utah +7.5 (win)
Sunday, January 6th: St. Peters +8.5 (loss)
Saturday, January 5th: Cal at a pick'em (win)
Friday, January 4th: George Washington +4.5 (loss)
Thursday, January 3rd: Seattle +13 (win)
Wednesday, January 2nd: SMU +2 ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT*** (Nasty loss - steal with 13 seconds left for a dunk and we lose by a point. Sick!)

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