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Craps School


Shooting craps is by far the most exciting form of casino gambling. Whether it be the suspense of the tumbling dice, the stickman and dealers yelling out popular sayings such as "winner winner chicken dinner", the fat payouts and volatility or the people yelling and screaming around the table, this game by far provides the purest form of euphoria relative to casino gaming as evidenced by all the excitement that goes on at the table.


When one first approaches the game, it can be somewhat intimidating and overwhelming. After reading our craps section it should all make sense to you and you'll more than likely be itching to roll the bones (dice) and enjoy the game with a higher level of education after reading all the tips, strategies and advice in our tutorial guide found in the left menu which covers it all! Enjoy and GOOD LUCK at the tables!



Mailbag: Wes asks "Is the Any Seven bet always on and working? Answer: The "any seven" is a one roll bet. So yes, it is working, however, it's a one and done wager.

Hardways Dice Roll Contest: Play for weekly prizes and more at Bovada Casino. This contest runs from NOW until July 9th!

Once you've read all our craps guides and you're ready to shoot dice, a good option  is to first practice online before hitting the tables at your local 'brick and mortar' casino. While online sites are no substitute for the thrill of the real craps tables, they do allow you to learn the various bets (come, don't come, buy, let) etc before you play for real. See for a choice of casinos with good online craps games.

A New Jersey woman recently accomplished what is believed to have been the longest craps roll EVER at a land based casino. The roll lasted 4 hours and 18 minutes, blowing away the previous record roll of 3 hours and 6 minutes. The amazing feat happened at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The woman who won, Patricia Demauro, nor the casino, would comment on what her take from the table was.

Wilson talks about the Don't Pass System for Beginners

Superstitions anyone? Check out Wilson's Signs of the Seven article for some "all too familiar" occurences.

Bob Stupak introduced Crapless Craps to the casino world. While it may seem like more fun and a better bet, the truth is the traditional craps game offers better all around odds.

Taking Down Bets from the Layout - Wilson tells you which bets you CAN and CAN'T remove from the craps table once you've placed them.

Need a legit casino to play at? Check out the recommendations at A solid starting point for all of your casino needs!


5Dimes - These guys pay fast and are one of the most trusted online casinos on the web!


Win at Craps - We give tips and advice how to keep the house advantage from killing your bankroll.

How to Lay Odds - It's confusing at first but becomes easy once you learn!

Frequently Asked Questions - Answers to questions like "what does same dice mean" and more!