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Craps: Place 6 and 8 System

Craps: Place 6 and 8 System
by Wilson of

This is a system that is designed for the novice craps player. The only betting that occurs is on the 6 and 8. Again, patience is required in order to use and succeed with this approach. Letís take a look at how it works. 1. First you need to wait for a shooter to become eligible which means they either roll a natural on the come out or establish a point number.

Donít place a bet on the pass line. (many novice players think they have to make this bet to play, but you do not have to bet on the pass line to play craps! Only if YOU are rolling.)

After a point is established, then place bet $6 each on the 6 and 8. If one of your bets wins immediately tell the dealer to take both of your bets down and collect your $7 profit.

Do not make another wager until a new point is established. This is where a lot of people fail to carry-on with this system as they think itís wrong to stop after a win, but the goal is to win a small margin from each shooter and not be overly aggressive or greedy.

You can also increase your bets. I would recommend waiting until you win two consecutive bets and then bump it up by another $6 bringing your total bet now to $12. If you win the $12 bet I would go back down to the original $6 bet. This way you avoid huge loses and keep your previous profits. If you continue to win, then start to bump your bets again following the same pattern.


Never increase your bets after a loss. Be patient, there are usually a lot of players at a craps table and your chances of hitting a hot roll are likely one shooter away.

Bring enough money to keep you in the game. If your betting based on the amounts mentioned above you will need at least $40 per session, and on average, a player partakes in three sessions during a 3 day hiatus to Vegas, AC, or other casino destinations. Never lose more than your set session amount.

Remember, you can always adjust the system to your financial situation. If you have more money to gamble then you can simply arrange your bankroll as you see fit.

Craps is very intimidating to the novice player, and this system will allow a player to enjoy the game at their own speed. If a player wants to hit it big and get a free room or dinner, well, this is not the ticket! However, if a player wants to enjoy the most nostalgic game in the casino while pulling in a few extra bucks then this is a great system to use. Just remember to wait for the shooter to establish a win and then let the system work for you. The key is having the patience to take down your bets in-between point numbers. Luck to ya.


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