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House Advantage in Craps

The House Advantage in Craps
by Jerald of

One of the liveliest sections of a casino is around the craps table. When you visit a table you will see many different types of bettors making various types of bet. You must know what the house advantage is on each bet so you know whether you are giving yourself a good chance to win.

The house advantage is basically the fee that the casino charges you to play the game. The way the house advantage is figured for craps is to determine what the odds are of winning and then compare that to what the actual payout odds are.

If you are playing a game that has a house edge of 1% then you would lose on average $1 for every $100 that you wager. We will look at each of the wagers and what the house advantage is on each to determine if they are wagers that give us a decent chance to win or if they are sucker bets.

The most common bets in craps is the Pass/Don’t Pass and the Come/Don’t Come bets. These bets are among the best bets offered by the casino as far as house advantage. The house advantage for pass line and Come bets is 1.41%. The house advantage for Don’t Pass and Don’t Come bets is 1.40%. A player can decrease the house advantage even further by taking the free odds bet which have no house advantage. If you take the free odds then your total wager (assuming 2X odds) would be reduced to 0.85% on Pass and Come bets and 0.83% on Don’t Pass and Don’t Come bets. It is best to limit your wagers to these types of bets when playing craps.

Here are the bets that give the player less of a chance of winning:

Place Bets (6 and 8) – 1.52%
Place Bets (5 and 9) – 4.00%
Place Bets (4 and 10) – 6.67%
Lay Bets (6 and 8) - 4.00%
Lay Bets (5 and 9) – 3.23%
Lay Bets (4 and 10) – 2.44%
Field Bet – 5.56%
Any Craps – 11.11%
Hardway Bet (6 or 8) – 9.09%
Hardway Bet (4 or 10) – 11.10%
Yo or 3 – 11.10%
2 or 12 – 13.90%
Any Seven – 16.70%

It is critical to your bankroll to understand that these bets give you a very poor chance to win despite the fact that some of them have high payouts. Many players will see that they are receiving a nice payout if their bet hits and think that is a great way to make money but the odds indicates that the payout is really much lower than what it should be compared to the odds of hitting that number.

When playing craps stick to the bets with the lowest house advantage and you will preserve your bankroll.


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