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Craps: C&E Bet

Craps: C&E Bet
by Staff

The C&E bet is a very popular wager amongst craps players, however, it is surely a sucker bet.

The C&E is a wager in which your betting on a craps (2, 3, 12) or the YO (11) to hit.

The C&E is a one roll bet which if you don't win, you lose. If you do happen to win, the payoffs vary according to the number that rolled. Payoffs are as follows:

2 pays: 30-1
3 pays: 15-1
12 pays: 30-1
"Any Craps" which covers 2, 3, and 12 pays 7-1 (this is the most popular bet of these)

The "E" part of the bet, which covers the number 11, also known as a "yo", pays 15-1.

Many craps players hedge their pass line bets on the come out roll with an any craps bet so guarantee that they won't lose regardless the number rolled. Again, this is a sucker bet. Over time it will erode your chip stack.



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