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Come Bet

Craps: The Come Bet
by Wilson of

The come bet is basically the same bet as the pass line bet, but it is made only after the come out roll. Remember, the pass line bet is made before the come out roll. To make a come bet you must place the bet on your own by wagering at least the minimum amount of chips allowed at the table.

Do not make the same mistake that I made at the Sunset Station in Las Vegas. I put 3 green chips ($75) on the craps table and asked for change, but the dealer apparently did not hear me, thus my chips, which just happened to be in the come bet area became a live bet as soon as the shooter rolled the dice. No worries, the bet actually turned out to be a great run as the next number was a 9 which repeated two rolls later for a nice win that turned into a two hour session where I won more than $700. However, I would strongly recommend raising your voice and making eye contact with the dealer anytime you put chips down for change. Better yet, when asking for change, don't place your chips in any bet area.

How do I win a come bet? Once you make the come bet and your chips are in the come bet area you will win if the shooter rolls a seven or eleven. As soon as the shooter establishes a point number the dealer will pick up your chips and place them in the corresponding point number box which is located across the layout of the table. Specifically, your chips will be placed at the top of the point box. Similar to the pass line bet if the shooter rolls the point number before rolling a seven you will win. The dealer will place your winnings in the come bet area. It is your responsibility to pick up your winnings or they will be assumed as another come bet or worse, another player might pick them up.


How do I lose a come bet? Remember, once you commit to the come bet you may not take the bet down as it is a contract bet much like the pass line bet. You lose the come bet in the same manner as the pass line bet; if a seven is rolled before your come bet number is rolled it results in a loss, no matter how many come bets you have working for you- a seven will kill’em all.

Can I make an odds bet on a come bet? Yes. The odds bet is similar to the pass line bet. In order to make the odds bet simply toss your chips toward the dealer and say “put odds on that six please.” The odds are the same as the pass line odds in which the four and ten odds payoff is 2 to 1; on the five and nine it’s 3 to 2; and on the six and eight it’s 6 to 5. For example, if the point is four and you have a $5 bet with a $5 odds bet you would win the original $5 if the shooter rolls a four and you would win $10 for your odds bet. The dealer will place your odds bet slightly off center as to indicate the odds bet. If you win look for the dealer to place your winnings in the come bet area and collect your chips. Unlike the original come bet which can not be taken down, the odds on the come bet may be taken down at anytime, but I don’t support that decision because the casino advantage goes up if you take down your odds.

Making several come bets is a smart play because it allows for the player to take advantage of a long or hot roll. To make sure you don't get caught in a streak of “seven outs” I would limit my come bets to no more than two plus a bet on the pass line; this way you have three numbers working for you which are pretty decent as far as chances of hitting the numbers. Remember, if you make a bet on the come line and the shooter immediately hits the point you will need to tell the dealer if you want odds and also if you want the bet “working” on the come out roll otherwise they will have it “off” on the come out roll. Luck to ya.


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