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Dice Control

Welcome to our craps section and article about dice control.

When we say dice control, we're talking about influencing the dice to roll something other than a 7 on a craps roll in an effort to gain the advantage over the house. We'll be perfectly honest and tell you that the science and practice of such is WAY over our heads so what we've done is hunted around the internet and found some of the better reads on the issue.

While we found the articles to be interesting, that doesn't necessarily mean we endorse or agree with the info posted in the article or the advertisements you may see on the following sites. Enjoy!

Our take on dice control? We've played at many casinos in our lives and it seems that any time we get on a nice streak the dealer/pit boss starts trying to screw with our roll either asking us to get it down lower or make sure that it bounces off the back wall, guaranteeing the dice to have more action as they tumble. If a shooter was exercising dice control and winning, expect to be hassled and have your technique screwed with by the casino staff.


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