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Craps: The Dice

Craps: The Dice
By Wilson of

If you want to understand the game of craps the first thing you should probably know is how the dice work. The game of craps is built around the outcome of two dice. If you want to throw the dice you will be offered a pile to choose from but you can only pick up two of them. Make sure you use one hand only when you pick up the dice from the table. Ok, now you have the dice (aka: bones) and are ready to toss’em, so what are the rules of actually throwing the dice? Let’s look more in depth at how the mechanics of throwing the dice works.

What are the chances of rolling a certain number? Each individual "die" is marked with a series of dots that represent the numbers one through six. Between the two dice there are eleven different totals that may show, these are the numbers 2 through 12. In all, there are 36 different combinations that can occur as a result of one roll of the dice.

So, what are the odds of you picking up a pair of dice and throwing a seven? Actually, your odds of tossing a seven are better than any other number as there are six ways to throw a seven out of the 36 possibilities. Therefore the odds of rolling a seven are 30 to 6 or 5 to 1. This is why the casino claims seven as the crap out number once a point is established…the odds are in their favor. This also explains why some of the proposition bets pay off at 30 to 1 and 15 to 1; the casinos know you have an extremely slim chance of rolling those numbers.


By far, the 6 and 8 are the most popular numbers to bet for the "right bettor" as there are five ways to roll them, thus your odds are favorable. Most players tend to bet with the shooter which means they are hoping the shooter will roll anything besides a seven.

The point numbers are the most commonly bet on the table. Here are the odds of making these numbers show: The 4, 10 can only be rolled three ways which translates into 2 to 1, the 5, 9 can be rolled four ways or 3 to 2, and the 6, 8 can be rolled five ways which gives a 6 to 5 shake.

Etiquette/Superstition with the Dice: There are a few unwritten rules that you should be aware of while playing craps. First, never mention the number “seven” at the table. This is poor etiquette and considered bad luck or a sure indication that a seven is going to show its ugly face. Because the numbers 7 and 11 sound alike, the players and dealers refer to it (the number 11) as the yo’leven.

Make sure you never dangle your hands over the railing while the shooter is tossing the dice. If the dice hit your hands and a seven-out occurs your name will be mud and you will be labeled bad luck. This happens a lot especially with novice players as they are nervous and usually forget to pull their hands up in time between throws. It’s like leaving your car running in the drive way unattended- sooner or later it’s going to get stolen. Don’t let your hands dangle! They're in play!

If you accidently toss one or both of the dice off the table be sure to yell out “same dice.” Most seasoned players believe that any new dice introduced during a roll will certainly produce a seven-out. Keep the same "bones".

Hopefully you will get a chance to play on a hot table and even have a hot roll yourself, if you do get the opportunity to share a hot roll with another player do not talk to them. Let that shooter focus on the point numbers, and don’t break their mindset. Veteran craps players believe if you snap a shooters streak with conversation they will seven-out for sure.

Feel free to arrange the dice in any position you want before you pick them up. You can also shake them as long as you need to, but be sure to toss them far enough that they bounce off of the back wall on the other end of the table or some dealers will call it an illegal roll. In the old days cheaters use to slide the dice thus rolling whatever numbers they wanted. Now the casinos require shooters to make contact with the inside wall at the other end of the table to negate any possibility of fixing the dice. I suggest a nice gentle toss landing somewhere just before the back wall. But you can create your own style and speed of throwing the bones. I always try to find a nice consistent rhythm with a lot of positive vibe involved in every throw. Luck to ya.


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