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Don't Come

Craps: The Donít Come Bet
by Wilson of

The donít come bet is similar to the donít pass bet, but opposite of the come bet. To review, the donít pass bet is a wager against the shooter rolling the point number, and the come bet is a wager which comes after a point number is established, and is also in favor of the shooter not tossing a seven-out. Letís explore the donít come bet further as itís easy to get confused with all the doís and dont's!

How do I make the donít come bet? To make a donít come bet players will place their chips in the donít come betting area on the layout of the craps table which is located on both ends of the table. This area is clearly marked as ďthe donít come bar.Ē

How do I win a donít come bet? Remember, when a donít come bet is made the actual bet is not made until a point number is established. For example, if a player puts a $5 chip on the donít come bar during a come out roll the player will win even money if a 2 or 3 comes up on the next roll, but will lose if a 7 or 11 shows. In most casinos if a 12 is rolled during the come out roll it is considered a standoff for the donít come bettor.


What happens when a point is established? Once a shooter establishes a point number then the dealer will move the donít come bet to the top of the specific point number box (usually above the layout). Now the player will win if a seven is rolled before the point number is repeated. For example, if the point number is 6 and the following series of numbers occurs the player with the donít come bet will win: 5 (neutral) 10 (neutral) 7 (winner), notice that other numbers do not effect the bet once it is established. Again, only the 7 and the donít come point effect the bet; 7 equals a win; donít come point repeated equals a loss.

Can a player lay odds on the donít come bet? Yes. To lay odds a player should place the desired amount of chips in the donít come bar area and get the dealerís attention by saying, ďlay odds on the 4 pleaseĒ (or any other number that they may be sitting on). After the dealer receives instruction from the player the chips will be moved to the very top of the layout above the original bet thus indicating the odds bet. Similar to the donít pass bet, when a player lays odds on the donít come bet they are gambling more to win less. Remember, the player now has the advantage as the probability of a seven showing is more than any other number. This is why the casinos make the players pay more to win less. To review the odds in this scenario, a come point of 4 or 10 pays off at 1 to 2; 5 or 9 pays off at 2 to 3; and the 6 or 8 pays off at 5 to 6. Odds are a smart wager because it reduces the casinos edge nearly in half. For example, single odds on most donít come bets shifts the casino edge from 1.4% to .08%. Every little bit helps!

There are some differences between the donít come and the come bet besides the obvious for or against the shooter. First, with the donít come bet a player is allowed remove the bet and odds at anytime. I do not recommend removing the donít come bet simply because once a point number is determined the player has the edge. The come bet, however, can not be removed once it is set, but the odds bet can be removed at anytime, but again, I donít support that move as odds only make the bet stronger by reducing the casinoís edge. My advice to the donít come or come bet player is to stick with your bet, and be confident as the craps Gods can sense a waffling player and nobody wants that wrath! Luck to ya.


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