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Craps: Don't Pass System

Craps: Donít Pass System for Beginners
by Wilson of

This system is specifically for the beginning craps player. If you are just getting started or maybe youíre not quite comfortable at the craps table but would like to play without mass confusion and major money loss then this system is for you. As with any system related to gambling, you will need strong self-discipline. The donít pass system is rewarding if your patient. I would suggest the following approach:

The only bets you make will be on the donít pass.

When a player makes a point or throws a natural on the come out roll; stop betting and wait until the shooter sevens out before you make another bet.

If the shooter rolls a 4 or 10 as the point number, then you should bet two more times on the donít come in addition to your donít pass wager. By chance if your first donít come wager loses then donít make the second donít come bet.

Letís say the shooter throws a 5 or 9 as the point number, then only make one wager on the donít come.If the shooter throws a 6 or 8 as the point, then do not make another bet.Never increase your bets Ė wager the same every time.I recommend starting out at a $5 minimum table which should give you 20 units or chips (reds) and your total bankroll should be $100. This way you have what is called staying power at the table. 8. Most importantly, keep track of your wins and loses. Place your winnings aside. If you lose your 20 units that you originally bought in for then leave the table. However, if you still have the 20 units pocket the winnings and start over. There is no reason to leave while you are winning. In my opinion a player should always stay on a winning streak and only leave after consecutive loses, for example, I usually bail out after three loses in a row.Do not lay odds, just relax, you donít want to complicate things as this system is designed for the beginning player.

Again, patience is the name of the game with the donít pass for beginners system. If you tend to go off on random betting binges donít expect this system to work or any other system for that matter. Iíve seen several players approach the craps table with the best intentions and for awhile they keep it under control but too many of them fall victim to the excitement and temptation of the quick score! Yes we all have that dream of hitting it big and breaking the casinoís bank thus leading to the pit boss who introduces us to the casino manager who offers us a free penthouse, show tickets, airfareÖyeah, thatís probably not going to happen to you, so stick with the system and bringíem down slowly.

Never be afraid to pick up and go at a craps table. If your system is not working and youíve lost three bets in a row you need to go.

When I was a novice player I remember feeling like I had an obligation to stick it out and make a come back. That is definitely not a good plan! My advice to the novice player whether you are using a system or playing the pass line is to be in control and know that you are the customer not them. Donít let your ego and pride get in the way of making a good decision as it cost me plenty when I first hit the tables. And don't let any superstitious naysayers at the table give you any crap for playing what they call "the dark side".

Luck to ya.


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