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Craps: Etiquette
by Wilson of

Serious craps players, usually those who have been playing the game for years, will tend to be very superstitious. As a rookie player I remember being on the receiving end of numerous evil eyes or looks of disgust from older, more seasoned craps players. Of course this never intimidated me as I really don't believe in all the hoop-la of superstition, but for many people it is a crucial piece to their chances of winning, and if certain events occur, or certain words or phrases are said it will surely disrupt their mojo! To avoid being the annoying “bad luck” player at a craps table you should follow a few rules of common craps courtesy.

Much like the game of baseball when a pitcher is throwing a no hitter or even a shutout, the other players know not to talk to him. Well, craps is no different. If a shooter is throwing the dice and making point after point and hitting sevens and elevens on the come out roll - as a player at that table you simply play your game and try not to say anything to the shooter. God knows the moment you acknowledge the shooter - his next roll will likely be a seven out! Just go with the flow people and keep pocketing those winnings!

Never dangle your hands or arms over the rails of the craps table. Nothing is worse than a shooter rolling the bones and having them hit somebody's hands. This has happened to me a couple of times. It’s easy to get all caught up in the action of betting and before you know it you are the reason why 10 of the 11 people at the table just lost! An easy rule to follow is to be aware of when the stick person pushes the dice back to the shooter as this is a sure sign that the dice will be thrown shortly after, so get your hands up and out of the way. No contact equals no complaints!

Mentioning the number “seven” at any craps table is a big taboo. Why? The main reason for this is because most people place their bets with the shooter, which means after a point is established a seven will result in a loss. If you listen carefully, the dealers will not even say seven unless it is rolled, and they also say the number eleven as yo’leven in order to avoid sounding like the number seven.

Another common phrase often heard around the craps table is a shooter who yells “same dice!” This phrase is a result of the shooter throwing one or both of the dice off of the table and onto the casino floor. Old timers and craps veterans strongly believe that a shooter must demand the same dice as a new pair will definitely kill the shooter’s roll.

Finally, a potential craps player should always approach a table with confidence and knowledge. Take the time to do a little reading and research before you hit the casinos whether it’s Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Indian casinos, or Bodog you should always be prepared. Simply toss your money onto the layout and say “chips please” and you’re ready to play! Luck to ya.


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