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Craps: FAQ's (Frequently asked questions)
by Wilson of

Craps can be an intimidating game, and as a beginner or even an experienced player you may have questions. People who travel to destinations like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or even on the World Wide Web frequently have similar questions regarding the game and the overall process. Here are answers to some random, frequently asked questions that hopefully will help players understand the game a little more the next time they take part in a game of dice.

1. Is craps really just for the high rollers? No. Craps is often misunderstood as a game for the rich or also known as "high roller" but nothing is further from the truth. Ok, first, you will see a lot of players at a craps table who definitely have money to throw around, but that doesn't mean they know what they are doing. If you are an educated player and know the best bets offered at the table you can easily buy-in for $20 and throw along side a player who is betting ten thousand a roll.

2. Is there a correct way to throw the dice? Aside from a couple mandatory rules a player can pretty much throw the dice however they want. Most casinos require that players must pick up the dice with one hand and throw'em with enough force to bounce off the back wall depending on the direction of the throw. The reason the dice must bounce off the wall is to ensure that a player is not "sliding the dice" which actually was a common scam on craps tables until the new back-wall rule was put into play.


3. Why do the dealers color me up as soon as I get a lot of chips? Coloring up is the process of exchanging smaller denominations of chips for larger denominations of chips. For example, five red chips ($5 each) equal $25 whereas one green chip is equal to $25. The casinos will gladly color a player up as they know most players will likely continue to bet with the higher valued chips instead of asking for change or cashing out at the cashier's window. This way the casinos are confident that the players will usually lose and thus give all the chips back to the house.

4. Can I leave the table while I'm playing? Yes. Don't feel pressured to make a rushed decision. If you simply need to use the restroom just inform the dealer and he will usually place a white cloth or rolled towel over your chips. This procedure let's other players know that your spot at the table is still occupied. When you return to the table the dealer will remove the cloth and you may resume your play. It won't hurt to tip the dealer as a "thank-you" even though you are not required to tip, but it will be appreciated.

What does "Same Dice" mean? When a player accidently throws one or more of the dice off of the table they will often times yell "Same Dice" meaning they want those particular dice back instead of new dice. The casino usually has 5-6 die to choose from and basically the "Same Dice" request is nothing more than a superstition. Players truly gain no advantage over which dice they throw.

These are just a few of the many frequently asked questions regarding the game of craps. Most players who are new to the game will find themselves asking a lot of questions and seeking answers and advice in order to help their understanding of the game. The responses above are in no manner the absolute Gospel answers, and surely there are a variety of opinions among other seasoned players but hopefully this information helps players of all levels sharpen their game and understand the process more clearly. Luck to ya.


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