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Craps Glossary

Craps: A Glossary of Terms Used at the Table
by Wilson of

The following terms will likely be heard at most craps tables. Dealers and the stick-person especially use all of the following jargon as they are trained to do so. The slang at a craps table can be overwhelming, but after a few sessions you will begin to understand the lingo. The language of craps is supposed to be fast and flowing just as the game is fast and flowing. Luck to ya.

Ace…the one spot or pip on a single die.
Ace-Ace-Deuce...A one roll bet where they player is hoping for a 2 or 3 to roll.
Ada from Decatur…Slang expression for the number 8 in craps.
Any Craps…A wager on craps layout for betting that the 2, 3, 12 will be thrown on the next toss of the dice.
Any Seven...A one roll bet that a seven will come up on the dice. Winning this wager will pay you 4:1 odds.
Back Line...Another name for the Don't Pass.
Bar…The number 12 ( or 2 ) which appears in don't pass betting area. A bar 12 means if 12 is rolled the don't pass wager is a standoff.
Bet the Dice to Win…Making a wager on the pass line.
Big Dick/Big John…Slang expression for the number 10 in craps.
Big 6…A wager on craps layout for betting the 6 will be thrown before a 7.
Big 8…A wager on craps layout for betting that the 8 will be thrown before a 7.
Big Red...An any seven bet.
Bones...A nickname for the dice.
Box Cars…The number 12 in craps ( two 6’s).
Box person…Casino supervisor that sits in front of the casino bank of every craps table. This person is the boss of that table and settles any disputes.
Buffalo...Placing a wager on all the hardways and any seven.
Buffalo Yo...A bet on all the hardways along with a yo-11.
Buy...A 5% commission you pay the house in order to get true odds on a place bet.
C and E...A one roll bet that a craps will be rolled (2,3,12)
Came Easy...When 4, 6, 8 or 10 is rolled without the dice being "doubles."
Cheques...A nickname for "chips".
Cold Dice…Slang expression indicating no one is able to make a point number (i.e. pass line bettors are losing).
Coloring Up...When the dealer asks you to turn in your smaller chips for bigger ones. This is a ploy to get you to place bigger bets.
Come Bet...Equal to the pass line except you make it after the come out roll has happened.
Craps...The numbers 2, 3 and 12.
Crapping Out...When a shooter rolls a 2, 3 or 12 on the come out roll.
Deuce…Refers to the number 2 in craps.
Don't Pass...A wager placed before the come out roll that the dice will not pass (win). This wager is just the opposite of the pass line.
Eye in the Sky...Surveillance cameras located in the ceiling above.
Fever…The number 5 in craps.
Field Bet... A bet on 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12. Often times casinos will pay double or triple for 2 or 12.
Front Line…Another expression for pass line wager.
Hop Bets…A one roll bet that a player can make on any number not listed on the table layout.
George...A player who always tokes the dealers.
Hardway...A bet on 4, 6, 8 or 10. It must come as "doubles" or it loses. Example: A hard 8 must come with 4 on both dice. If the 8 rolled 6/2, that is called soft and your hardway bet will lose.
Hi-Lo...One roll bet on the numbers 2 and 12. Pays 30-1 odds.
Hop Bet...One roll bet in which you call what number will roll. Pays more if you call the actual numbers on the 2 dice.
Horn High Bet... bet amount is split into five parts. Two parts on the high number 12 and three units for the other numbers 2, 3 and 11.
Horn Bet...A bet on 2, 3, 11 and 12 with the same amount.
Hot Dice...This means the shooter is rolling a lot of numbers and making his/her points.
Little Joe…The number 4 in craps.
Line Bet...Another name for a pass line or don't pass bet. If you want to roll, you have to have a "line bet" in front of you when it's your turn.
Marker…another term for the “hockey puck-like” circle that marks the shooter’s point.
Midnight... One roll bet that pays 30-1 that the dice will roll a "12."
Natural…The numbers 7 and 11 in craps are known as naturals.
Mop...The stick that the stickperson uses to move the dice around the table.
Parley My Bet... Instead of paying the player, the dealer doubles up his stake
Pass…Indicates the shooter threw a natural on the come out roll or made his or her point.
Past Posting...Trying to place a bet after the dice have already rolled.
Pit...The area in which all the dealers, pit bosses and casino management stand inside the circle of tables.
Place Bet...A bet that a specific number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) will be rolled before a 7 is rolled. Four pays 9-5, 5 pays 7-5, 6 pays 7-6, 8 pays 7-6, 9 pays 7-5 and 10 pays 9-5.
Point…The number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10) rolled by a shooter on the come out roll.
Press... Adding more money to an existing bet.
Right Bettor...A player betting on the pass line.
Seven Out…The shooter threw the 7 before repeating the point number.
Shooter...Playing rolling the dice.
Skinny McKinney... The number 7.
Snake Eyes…The number 2 in craps.
Square Pair...Two 4's.
Stand Off…Term that indicates a player doesn’t win or lose a don’t pass or don’t come bet when a 12 is rolled.
Taking Odds...Adding a bet to an original Pass Line or Come Bet that pays on the true odds of the dice. Most casinos will allow you to lay more than your original bet.
Toke... A dealer tip
Trey…The number three in craps.
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner... Something a dealer may say after a shooter rolls his point.
Working...A dealer will ask you if your bets are working on the come out roll. This usually refers to hardway bets and place bets you have on the table. You can opt to have them "off" on the comeout roll.
Wrong Bettor...A player who gambles on the Don't Pass.
Yo 11 or Yo Eleven...A one roll bet that an 11 will roll. Pays 15-1.

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