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History of Craps

The History of Craps
by Staff

Surprisingly, this game has quite some history behind it dating back to the early 1700's in which the game originated as "Hazard." The French nicknamed the game "crabs." Hazard was apparently created by those from the European aristocracy before they arrived in America through the French Louisiana colony of Arcadia.

The game saw some changes around 1813 as a fella by the name of Bernard de Mandeville from New Orleans tweaked the rules a bit simplifying the game. At this point, the name had changed to "craps," which is the French pronunciation for "Crabs."

The game continued to flourish and spread through Mississippi river boats until it became popular all around the U.S.

It is documented that around this time the 6, 8, win, come and field bets were present.

Later on, a fella by the name of John H. Winn changed the game dramatically by introducing the don't pass which gave bettors the ability to bet with the shooter or against him. This effectively stopped the house from using loaded dice.

In 1931, the blossoming of Las Vegas brought even more popularity to the game.

Other notes of interest regarding the history of craps include:

Some rumors have Roman soldiers being the creators of the game of craps as legend has it that they used a pig's knuckle-bones (as dice) and roll them onto their shields (which was used as a table.)

As of late, craps takes a back seat to other gambling variations such as blackjack and slots. The funny thing is, if newbies weren't so intimidated by the table and knew the rules, the game would probably blossom into mega popularity and you'd see more tables in the casinos. Until then, it continues to this day to be the most exciting form of casino gambling in the world.


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