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The Lay Bet

The Lay Bet
by Wilson of

What is the lay bet? The lay bet is basically the opposite of a buy bet. This bet is usually made by the "wrong bettor" who is counting on the seven to appear before the point numbers (aka: "The Dark Side"). Lay bets also require a 5 percent commission on the projected win, which simply means whatever amount is wagered the casino will automatically trim 5 percent from the would-be winning total. Nice huh? The dealer will place a buy chip on the bet usually in the donít come area of the layout just above the point number.

In order to get paid true odds on the 4 or 10 a player would have to bet $40 to win $20 (1 to 2 odds) which really means the player would have to pay $41 because the projected win is $20 thus requiring the $1 commission fee. Wow, thatís a big bet. Any bet smaller than $40 on the 4 or 10 will still be charged the $1 commission. The 5 and 9 would cost $30 to win $20 (laying odds at 2 to 3). The 6 and 8 would cost $24 to collect a $20 win (5 to 6 odds). Again, all bets will be charged at the least the $1 commission and usually more if the bet is double the minimum amount for the required commission.


Lay bets can be taken down, increased, or reduced at any time. I would not recommend either the buy bet or the lay bet as there are several other bets that have a much lower casino edge. Always stick with the best bets and your chances of walking away a winner or at least a solid player are stronger.

Luck to ya.


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