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Taking Down Bets from the Layout

Craps: Taking Bets Down from the Layout
by Wilson of

The game of craps can be intimidating and confusing if a player does not know when, or if they can take down a bet. (Remove from the table) There are some bets in which a player can simply take down, and then there are some that must remain until the seven-out. In some cases players remove bets that actually decrease their chances of winning because they donít understand the advantages. For example, the donít pass bet has more of a player advantage once a point is established, and casinos will be thrilled if a player decides to remove this bet. Letís take a look at the other bets on the craps layout which can or canít be removed.

Pass Line Bet Ė This bet may not be taken down unless it wins or loses, in which case you can take it down or add to it before the next roll.

Donít Pass Bet Ė This bet can be removed at anytime but it is not recommended due to its great player advantage. Remember once you get past the come out roll the advantage is with the donít pass bettor as the 7 has a higher probability of showing than any other number.

Any Craps Bet Ė This bet can be removed from the layout at anytime. If you make this bet and win the dealer will pay you but leave your original wager on the layout. If you want to take the bet down you will have to ask the dealer specifically to ďtake down my any craps bet please.Ē This how the casinos get players to keep their money on the table; they just leave it out there! The casinos know that most people will go with the flow and just keep their chips on the layout which ultimately leads to a casino victory! Donít be shy, itís your money!

The Hardways Ė These bets can be removed at anytime. Like all proposition bets, the dealers will leave the original wager on the layout thus making it eligible for the next roll. You have to be assertive and speak up if you want the bet taken down.

Place Bet Ė This bet can be removed at anytime. The place bet is always off on the come out roll.

7, 11, 2, 3, 12 Ė These bets are all one roll wagers. If you win ask the dealer to take down your bet unless you want to keep it alive for the next roll.

Buy Bet Ė this bet can be removed at anytime. Make sure the dealer returns your 5% commission.

Lay Bet - This bet can be removed at anytime. Also make sure you get your 5% commission refunded.

Field Bet Ė this is a one roll bet. You may take down the bet only after a win as a loss will go to the house.

Come Bet Ė After a point is established you are not allowed to remove the wager from the table.

Donít Come Bet Ė This bet may be removed as soon as a point number is set. Although it would be a foolish move as you would be giving up the player advantage.

Odds Bet Ė you can remove the odds bet on the pass line bet, the donít pass, donít come, and the come bet. The casino will allow this as they do not mind you taking down a bet that holds no advantage for the house.

Most casino craps dealers will help players learn the game. But there are a few out there that will hardly look at you, especially if you take down a bet that is helping the casino gain ground. Be a student of the game by being proactive and aware of what bets can or canít be removed from the layout. Luck to ya.


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