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Craps: Any Seven

Craps: Any Seven Bet
By Wilson of

The any seven bet is yet another of several high risk wagers a player can make at the craps table. Most veterans will tell you that this bet would be great if it wasnít a one-roll wager. Again, just like most of the proposition bets, this bet is a shot in the dark, a wish and a prayer, but some players will bet it as a strategy. Gambling is a tricky gig, and people will always look for a way to cover one bet with another but does it work? Letís take a look at this particular bet and see if itís worth making.

How to place the bet: First, this bet is clearly marked on the craps table in the middle of the layout closest to the boxman (heís the guy who handles all of the chips). To place the bet all you need to do is toss your chips toward a dealer and say ďany seven pleaseĒ and the dealer will place the bet for you. Dealers usually place the chips in a certain fashion depending on where you are standing at the table. This is simply to keep track of all the different bets and players.


Odds: This bet does have the best odds as far as how many ways there are to roll a seven, which there are six ways. The problem is, again, this is a one time wager in which the very next roll of the dice determines if you win or lose. With this being a one roll bet it actually makes it the worst bet on the table as now the player is competing against all the other number combinations on just one roll. The average casino edge or advantage on the any seven bet is 16.70 percent.

Casino Advantage: Basically, the player who places a bet on the any seven will more than likely lose twenty times faster than the player who plays the pass line. Why? Well, the pass line bet with double odds can be as low as 0.61 casino advantage, this includes a come bet that goes in conjunction with the pass line bet. The lowest casino edge, 0.18 percent, occurs when a player bets the pass line and come bet with ten times odds assuming the casino will allow for ten times odds. The same 0.18 percent casino advantage takes place with the donít pass/donít come with ten times odds.

Bottom Line: The most educated or smart players will avoid the any seven bet simply because itís a weak wager. The casinos will do all they can to encourage players, usually the novice players, to jump on the proposition bets. Listen the next time youíre at a craps table and count how many times the stickman advertises the hardways or yoís and the seven. No matter how educated some players may be there will always be those who play the high risk bets. The casinos love the high roller who does nothing but bark out orders for the dealers to place the propositions because they know it will likely make the house a nice chunk of change. Why do you think Las Vegas and other casino areas keep building more mega-resort hotels and casinos? The owners know that people will always try to find a way to get rich quick even if itís only for a three day trip, people will let it ride in hope of the big score!

Craps is an extremely fast paced game with a lot of action going in every direction. If youíre just getting your feet wet at the craps tables donít fall for the ďsuckerĒ bets or also known as the proposition bets. Yeah, youíll witness some huge wins by players, or maybe even you will win a $10 hard six, but eventually you will give it all back to the house unless you have the smarts to cut and run. The best way to play is by only betting the lowest casino advantage bets which are the pass line, donít pass line, come and donít come, and occasionally the 6 & 8 place bet as these bets are all under 1.52 percent house advantage. Luck to ya.


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