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Signs of the Seven

Craps: The Signs of the Seven!
by Wilson of

Well, well, well, so you find yourself in Las Vegas at a smoking hot craps table and everything is going your way; you’re playing the pass line and you also have some place bets in action. Then, in an instant both dice bounce violently off of the table and one lands in a dirty ashtray on a waitress’s tray and the other skips across the multi-colored casino carpet finally resting next to a lady who just looks like she’s not winning. “Oh no!” In your head, alarms are going off all over the place and that instinctive voice begins to speak to you: “Take down your place bets, pull those odds bets off the table, now!” Finally the dice are recovered and the shooter quite appropriately tosses a seven-out! Wow! That was close. I always go with my gut feeling at the craps table. If I even begin to sense a negative vibe I’ll make an adjustment. Here are a handful of potential signs that seven may be creeping up on the next roll.

A rookie shooter who can’t seem to toss the dice correctly. Don’t get me wrong, rookies are famous for their lucky “first timer” rolls, but if you are playing at a table where a rookie suddenly gets the dice and kills the rhythm by throwing illegally (both dice are not hitting the back wall), or sloppy dice then it might be time to pull down your bets or turn them off.

A player or shooter who actually says the word “seven.” Now this one is probably the most common among rookie craps players as they haven’t been around the game enough to know that saying the word “seven” is considered taboo. If you don’t believe me then try it the next time you play craps and watch the reaction of the other players.

A shift change in the stickman. The stickman is the director who keeps the game moving, and often times when there is a shift change the new stickman can cool a table off. I suggest turning bets off for a couple of rolls until the table gets flowing again.

Place bets have not won for four or five rolls. This is purely an anticipation move on your part but it will probably save you a few bucks.

Delay of game. I cringe every time there is a major delay in the game because it just kills the mojo at the table. This usually happens because of an argument over a payoff or a misplaced bet. In any event, a delay of the game almost always spells disaster.

You see a seven anywhere! You look at the dice before you throw’em and notice the numbers equal seven, or you simply look across the casino and see a seven on a slot machine, it’s just not a good sign to see a seven in craps unless of course you’re on the come out roll.

Complacency. Yes, the vocabulary word for the day, which means you are comfortable, satisfied, and cruising along. The problem with being complacent is players sometimes lose their focus and miss the signs of the seven. It’s ok to be complacent at times, but save it for the beach and the hammock.

I understand that these signs of the seven are not concrete, guaranteed signs that a seven will show but from my experience they have proven to be an excellent warning system. Craps is the best game in the casino; if you stay alert and recognize the signs of the seven you may just be able to play all day! Luck to ya.


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