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Craps Stories

The game of craps is unrivaled when it comes to excitement in a casino. The game is so very volatile and literally anything can happen. We've seen people roll 7 on the come out roll a ridiculous amount of times, we've seen tables in which a point was established and then a 7 out foiled the table's bets one roll after the come out NUMEROUS times in a row and we've seen ultra hot tables where the rare forty minute roll rears it's head and everybody at the table, even the small fish walk away with thousands of dollars in black chips.

Since craps is such a fun game and sparks such great conversation, we decided that it'd be worthwhile to create a page in which we'd post interesting stories that we've heard and our friends, co-workers and readers had experienced. Enjoy!

She's a Rookie! - Wilson talks about how his wife never understood his gambling habit but once she got her mitts on the bones, she quickly "got it" as most women do!

Say it Ain't So - A craps story about a degenerate bone roller who like clockwork, went to the casino every Saturday night. One week he decided to skip out on his habit for a date and the unthinkable happened.

Got a legitimate craps story that you'd like to share and have posted on this page? Feel free to email it to Only legit stories will be posted so all you bs'ers out there, save it for the campfire!


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