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Craps Superstitions

Craps Superstitions

by Staff

Having played in hundreds of craps game we have heard some of the craziest and corniest superstitions alive. Conversely, there are a few we believe ourselves so who are we to judge?

The most commons craps superstition is that when the dice go off the table, the next roll will be a seven. Now we all know anything can happen, but I'll be damned at how often a seven comes up after this happens. Some shooters and players around the table will ask the dealer for the same dice, but it doesn't seem to matter. This is one superstition that even we as seasoned gamblers fear!

The second most superstitious act is if during the roll that the dice hit a player around the table's hands. You know, that one guy trying to sneak in a late bet. It never fails, it seems that a crap (no pun intended) roll takes place.

Another funny one is ol' lady luck. A first time woman player that has never played nor knows nothing about the game. Many people will go more than their average wager in this situation due to the superstition.

Conversely, many people are scared to death of a man that comes to the table for his first roll of all time. Funny eh?

One superstition that exists but you won't see often because the dealers known better, is when the stickman pushes the dice to you with 7 showing. They know better and a good dealer will avoid doing so. Occasionally you'll get a novice or stupid dealer though and when it happens don't be surprised to see the player push the dice back to the dealer in fear that their doomed of rolling a bad number.

One that we find great humor in is people thinking they shouldn't talk to a hot roller. As if his concentration has anything to do with what the dice will be after they roll. Give us a break. This is a flat our joke.

An obvious one is not to mention the number 7. Players fear that the dice will hear the number and then roll it. Another joke of a supersition.

Want to spook the guys at your table? Bet the don't when your rolling the dice. Since your rooting for the 7 to come up after the comeout roll, most feel that your going against them and that having a pass line bet is going to guarantee them a loss. While the odds are in your favor if you can get past the comeout, it SHOULD be a non issue to them other than that their playing under the normal house advantage.

Thou shalt not count chips at the table. Some guys won't even look at their chips must less count them if their stack is growing.

Roll'em hard, roll'em soft. Many believe that softly rolling the dice and babying them will produce a better number. The only thing we have to say about this is that rolling them hard may create more seven's if your playing with loaded dice.

The bottom line is that nothing you or anybody else does short of playing with loaded dice have any affect on a roll whatsoever, but when your standing at the table one sure does get some weird thoughts and feelings!

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