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Win at Craps

Win at Craps
by Wilson of

Craps can be an incredible experience and it is possible to win at craps if you remain focused on a few strategies. Often times I see players who have absolutely no game plan and their money usually ends up as a profit for the house. Here are a several suggestions that may help a player control the amount of wins vs. losses during a typical craps session.

1. Make sure you have enough cash! You will need a enough to balance out your bet size and bank roll. For example, if you are playing a $5 minimum bet table you should plan on bank rolling two or three hundred dollars. Remember the goal is to make money, so donít have the mindset of using your whole bankroll! Your bankroll is simply to allow you longevity at the table.

2. Never bring all of your money to the table. Itís a good idea to divide your bank roll into separate sessions. For example, if you plan on playing three sessions of craps during your visit for a $5 minimum table you should have at least $900. This will assure you $300 for each session.

3. If you lose your set amount during a session itís time to go! Never dip into your other funds to keep a session going. If you lost that sessionís bank roll chances are you will continue to lose. Go get a bite to eat and watch Sportscenter until itís time for another session.

4. Always make bets with the lowest house advantage. There is simply too much risk involved if a player begins making high casino advantage bets like the hard ways or the proposition bets. Iíve made this mistake and it cost me hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars as I could have used that money to increase my odds on the pass line bet, or the come bet. I became complacent because I was winning and decided to try for a big score by betting the suckers and it killed me! Stick with your plan and only bet the lowest casino advantage bets.

5. When you win, increase your bets. When you lose, do not increase your bets. Period. Never try to play catch-up in a casino; if you do youíre more than likely contributing to the brand new carpet or marble flooring in the lobby!

6. Make sure you set a win goal and pocket that money as soon as you get it! After you have reached your goal, keep winning. Never leave a table while you are winning. I know that sounds like a no-brainer, but Iíve seen people do it. Why? They have a show to go to or they are hungry, blah, blah, blah, itís like standing in a line where someone is handing you $50 bills every 60 seconds and then you decide to just leave! Keep taking the money until the table goes cold.

7. Be patient. I always tell my basketball players to be patient and wait for the play to develop. Itís no different with craps, it usually takes a few rolls for the table to get warm and then hot. This is why itís important to be financially solid for each session to allow you the staying power during a streak of seven-outs.

8. Have fun! Nobody likes a poor sport or a bump on a log. You donít have to perform cheers or sing songs but you should be positive and pleasant because after all, you are an educated craps player with a plan unlike most of the other suckers at the table. Hey, when youíre winning money itís always sunny!

Make sure you always have a plan before you step up to the craps table and you will automatically increase your chances of winning. Always remember that you are in control of how, when, where, and why you play craps! Luck to ya.


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