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How to Bet on Reality TV Shows

Welcome to our how to bet on reality shows (and other non sports related events) page! Here you'll get a full explanation on how you can bet real money on these events as well as the best places online to place your bets!

Back in the old days, the only thing you could bet on were sporting events. Now with the introduction of technology and bookies evolving into full service betting shops, people can now wager on just about anything these days. One popular form of wagering that is becoming very popular is entertainment betting.

This form of gambling pretty much covers any non sports event such as reality TV shows, Miss America Pageants, American Idol, Survivor, Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest and more.

While many of these events are a total crap shoot betting-wise, placing a wager makes it more exciting to watch, especially if you're like us... Husbands that get rooked into watching shows because our beloved wives force us to!

With that being said, let's take a look at how these wagers work:

Let's use American Idol as an example. Let's say the show is down to it's final 12 contestants. Sportsbooks (betting sites) that offer wagering on these events will give each participant designated odds. Let's say the person most favored to win will be listed as a 2-1 favorite. This means that you will win $2 for every dollar that you risk. If your pick wins, you'll be paid out $2 plus your staked amount.

Let's use a longshot pick as an example. Let's say there's an unlikely candidate within the bunch and nobody gives this guy a shot to win. The bookies (sportsbook) may make this guy 80-1 to win. If you select this contestant and he wins, you'll be paid out a whopping 80 bucks per dollar that you wagered. A $5 bet on a participant at 80-1 odds would pay off a tidy $400!

Now let's take a look at some of the better online betting sites that offer entertainment wagers:

Bovada Sportsbook - This is probably the best place to bet on reality shows etc. If it's on TV and popular, there's a good chance that they offer betting odds on the event. Bovada is one of the oldest wagering sites on the net and there's a general consensus that they're one of the most trustworthy as well.

BetOnline - This is another great website offering entertainment betting. They're very similar to Bovada but they offer a better sign-up bonus. What's a sign up bonus you ask? It's free money that they give you (A percentage of your initial deposit) as incentive to sign up and wager at their site.

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Bovada - Offers wagering on all popular reality TV shows including American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, Miss America, Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest and more!

5Dimes - Offers -105 reduced odds wagering on all major sports!

Bookmaker - Offers a generous 50% sign up bonus and one of the best rewards programs on the net!