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    I found out today they charged my credit card so my name was picked from the lottery. Wanted to know what people think about how much I can get per ticket and where the best place to sell them is? Does EBay or StubHub have caps on percentages of how much you can "scalp" tickets for?

    I have ZERO intentions of going to the Breeders Cup because Monmouth Park will be a zoo, and I can't even see it being an enjoyable experience so I put in for tickets in hopes of a resale for a nice profit.

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    Put them on Ebay about 3 weeks before and you should get about three times the price if they are good seats. dont wait till the week before that is when I will be buying tickets and most of the time you can get that under the face price, that is what I did for the year they where at Belmont.
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      Thanks birds! I figured maybe I'd put them on Ebay or StubHub or somewhere maybe mid September or so.

      They are doing so much **** to Monmouth Park to get this thing here, it's unreal. People are listing their houses in the paper to rent out for two weeks, and the renovations at Monmouth are so long overdue that it's not even funny. The best tickets are $240 seats (at face value). I think the seats I got are at the beginning of the back stretch, still not sure until they email us all though. They charged my credit card $697 so I'm hoping to in the least double it. I believe I have tickets for all four days of racing because they said the more days you listed to buy, the better chance you had of winning the lottery. The worst tickets (General Admission) are $50, which is insane in itself.

      You couldn't pay me to go there on that Saturday. It will be a mob house. They are supposedly turning Route 36 (the main highway going in from the Garden State Parkway at Exit 105), which is 3-4 lanes each way, into a ONE WAY highway going in and then going out the same thing cause they think traffic will be so bad here.



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        Originally posted by CuseFan10 View Post
        It will be a mob house. .
        seriously? Maybe they will find Jimmy Hoffa finally......
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