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We here at often get asked "who is the best handicapper out there?" and "who do you recommend for me to use as a sports service?" We've always refrained from giving a direct answer to this question because we have so many buddies out there busting their tails to produce good results for their clients and it wouldn't be fair to single out just one name.

So, we decided that we'd finally break down and list our best of the best as somewhat of an award and seal of approval to those that truly deserve it. After all, in an industry where all you have is your name, those that stand head and shoulders above the rest should be praised loudly.

Listed below, you will find our picks for "best handicapper" for multiple sports. Should you decide to use these guys as your personal handicapping service, know that your dealing with a capper that is rock solid as we don't put out an endorsement on "just anyone." Congrats to the cappers who made this list, you truly are the greatest!

Best College Football Handicapper: Docs Sports

Family owned and operated since 1971, Doc's is a household name in the sports handicapping industry. On any given Saturday in Vegas Sportsbooks, the question you'll hear the most is "who is Doc's Big Ten pick today?" The reason for this is that Doc has simply owned the books over the past four decades when it comes to Big Ten predictions with his most famous feat being his 13 year win streak on his Big Ten game of the year play.

His operation is run with class. He operates with integrity and doesn't offer locks or false guarantees that most other services claim. You won't deal with any screaming touts or boiler room scamdicappers there either.

Doc's also has a small stable of cappers referred to as "The Advisory Board" which are also rock solid. This group consists of Robert Ferringo, Allen Eastman, The Vegas Sports Informer, Indian Cowboy, Jason Sharpe, Strike Point Sports and 11th Hour Sports. All are reputable and offer analysis with their picks too. This proves to their clients that they've done their homework and aren't flipping coins to determine their sports picks!

Doc's has given Predictem permission to offer our readers a FREE $60 credit good towards any package that Doc's offers! No strings attached! All you need to do to take advantage of this offer is sign up through this link!

Best MLB Handicapper: Kevin West,

We're lucky to have one of the best baseball handicappers on the planet right here at Predictem! This blurb about West will be short and sweet because he's a no-nonsense capper that prefers to let his results do the talking.

West says that baseball is the easiest sport to beat for many reasons with his top two being that he believes it's a statistic driven sport which makes outcomes easier to predict and his secret sauce which is that you can beat the bookies by hitting less than 50% of your picks in this sport. How does he pull that off you ask? By betting value plays which consist of a steady diet of underdogs. Lastly, he also only believes in making a play when the value is on his side. West says that bookmakers are forced to put out a line on every side and total each day. He believes that he has the advantage because of his selective approach to picking games. If the value clearly isn't on his side he passes because his theory is "there's always another game".

You can find Kevin's MLB selections FOR FREE each day at

Best College Basketball Handicapper: Edward Golden, Right Angle Sports

Why is Right Angle Sports ( the best college basketball handicapper?

Unlike most sports services who try to pick winners in all sports year round, Right Angle Sports focuses exclusively on college football & college basketball. Since 2005, RAS has even gone even further by ending their popular college football service early so that by the start of November all time could be invested into college basketball handicapping.

This exclusive focus allows RAS to gain far more intimate knowledge of players, coaches, arenas, and teams than the average service. Chief handicapper Edward Golden in person scouts more than 25 college exhibitions, practices, and games in November & December alone in the Southern California area. When a team faces a particular matchup or suffers an injury to a key player, few will understand the impact better than RAS.

One reason that Right Angle Sports is endorsed by many industry experts and often spoken highly among respected forum posters is that the service provides so much more than just picks. Every play includes a detailed analysis full of information and insight that must be seen to be appreciated. After reading one of the game write-ups it is easy for anyone to see that RAS does their homework. In addition, every e-mail includes an "Added Info" report with relevant injury and pertinent information on games not selected for plays. This alone is worth the price of a subscription by itself.

RAS is a highly selective service and uses a strict 1/2 UNIT to 1 UNIT rating system that is never abused for marketing purposes. Last season RAS hit 62.9% for +19.45 UNITS in college basketball. Over the past seven seasons, RAS college basketball plays have hit 55.12%. RAS still remains one of the most affordable sports services on the web. A full season college basketball subscription is in the $500 range.

Considered the "Must Have College Basketball Service" by many industry experts. Find out why, visit today and join the mailing list. The first month of every season is always free.

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