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Boiler Room Operations

Boiler Room Operations

by Staff

Avoid boiler room operations at all costs. What is a boiler room operation you ask? It's a group that calls people (often times cold calls) using high pressure marketing tactics to persuade you to purchase their product which in this case is sports picks.

Where do they get your number? Unsavory sportsbooks you've signed up at may have sold your name on a list and/or other services you've bought from may have done the same. Ex-sportsbook employees have also been known to steal client lists before they quit with hopes of selling them.

They'll start out by attempting to batter down your self esteem making you think you can't win on your own and what sucks is that most guys do lose and these operations actually succeed in making some think that their the savior to all their losses.

They then pressure the consumer into sending them a chunk of change or a percentage of their bet if it should win.

What's dirty is that many of these outfits give out both sides of the line. Here's an example:

Let's say the Vikings are playing the Bears. They'll give Caller A the Vikings and then Caller B the Bears. This way they guarantee that one of their clients is going to win and they'll have hopes also getting the guy back that lost. Pretty sneaky eh?

Not to be confused with legit professional handicappers, these guys are also known as "touts."

Don't be swindled into such coercion. These guys aren't handicappers nor can they offer you anything of value. Promises of big bucks are far fetched.

In summary, don't take a call from anybody calling to sell you picks. Hang up if anybody cold calls you about anything for that matter. The only place you should be finding handicappers to help you make your picks is on legit websites with recommended cappers or third party non-biased sports monitoring services.

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