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Finding the Right Handicapper

Finding the Right Handicapper
by Staff

Many sports bettors come to a point in their gambling career where they realize that gambling on sports isn't as easy as they thought it was and they end up seeking the help of a sports handicapper.

If your in the sports betting scene, their not hard to find. Their on portals, they can be found in the search engines and even some sportsbooks promote "touts" as well. (That's a scary proposition, how do you know that their not telling the tout to pick losers for you?)

So how is one supposed to know who the good cappers are? How are you to avoid scams (scamdicappers)? How much should you expect to pay for picks?

The above listed are all things to take into consideration when searching for a good sports service. We'd like to outline a few thoughts for you so you don't fall prey to a predator because there are many out there. Let's take a look at a few things to keep in mind:

1. Stay away from handicappers that make outrageous claims such as outrageous winning percentages. The bottom line here is that THE best handicappers only hit 60% Claims of 70, 80 or even 90% winners are surely false. It's flat out impossible. We have seen a few cappers have a banner year in which they hit 67% of their picks but its rare and their not making very many plays at that.

2. Avoid any handicapper claiming that they have a lock. There is no such thing as a lock in sports betting. Any time two teams get together, anything can happen, that's why they play the game! The word "lock" is actually banned in most posting forums because it's simply a bad word that is nothing more than a lie.

3. Don't buy picks from anybody that claims to have "inside information." There isn't such a thing. You're being lied to.

4. Make sure that the handicapper is monitored by a third party non biased sports monitoring service. There are many of them out there. Make sure that the capper is monitored by more than one and that his records are consistent at all monitors. A real handicapper has nothing to hide. Make him prove that his record is legit.

5. Stay away from expensive cappers. Let's say for arguments sake you do find a good capper and you buy his selections for $3000 for a season and the guy ends up winning 32 units on the season (each unit is $100.) As you can see, he had a great season and provided you with winners but your profit after his cost is a measly 2 units ($200.) If he was to provide losers throughout the season, you'd be out the losers plus the service cost! There are many good services out there who are willing to sell their picks for $20/week or a couple hundred bucks a season.

6. Avoid anybody that cold calls you on the phone. These are nothing more than marketing firms. Example: They call two people and give them each side of the line. One wins, so they are guaranteed a one out of the two will hit and that they'll end up with a happy client who will call back the next day. These are also known as "boiler room operations."

One thing that many amateur handicappers (recreational sports bettors) are not aware of is that you can get picks just as good as those from the pros in posting forums from around the web. In these "forums," there are many guys who hit winners year in and year out and don't even charge for their picks. They simply come to the forum each week to enter their picks and to share info. There is also a great sense of camaraderie in forums as well once you become a regular and become "one of the fellas." Look up near the top of the page and click on the forums button as we have a high traffic one right here at Predictem that offers free picks from all sports or click here to go to our main forums page now.

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