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Locks - Surebets

If your out looking to hire a professional handicapping service there are some things you should know.

Avoid any handicapper claiming that he has a lock or a surebet. There simply isn't such a thing. Hey, that's why they play the game right?

We've seen MLB games with -400 odds lose by more than one run. We've seen college football teams at -15 or better lose straight up by more than two touchdowns! Now if those weren't potential "locks" we're not sure what was! You can bet that these stiffs giving out plays as locks took a big hit on those days as well. How do you think they explained that to their customers?

If your in search of a good capper, find one that's humble and that will openly admit to you that sports betting is a grind and that you are going to win some and lose some, hopefully winning more than you lose which needs to be to the tune of 52.38% and actually even higher because you have to factor in what your paying your sports service for the picks he's providing you.

Stay away from those claiming locks fellas! It's a crock!

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