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by Staff

The sports handicapping industry has taken a beaten lately now that the internet has gotten so popular. When somebody mentions a sports handicapper the tone always seems to be negative as there are so many scamdicappers out there on the net that the good guys unfortunately take a bad rap for the bad guys actions.

There are indeed good cappers out there still. We advertise quite a few of them on this site in our handicappers section.

If your losing your games and looking for the help of a pro capper, that's nothing to be ashamed of. You do however need to be careful that you don't turn to the wrong person and fall prey to a scamdicapper though.

If anybody ever cold calls you. Assume that their no good. If anybody promises you a "lock," run as fast as you can because there is no such thing.

Even worse, if your promised inside info on a game, it's a load of crap as well. Inside info is the biggest crock and one of the scamdicappers favorite lines to use on unsuspecting novice bettors.

Other characteristics to clue you in that you may be dealing with an unsavory character include:

Unbelievable winning percentages. Take it from a pro, even the best don't hit much over 60% and if one does happen to achieve such a lofty status, its a one year wonder. NOBODY can consistently beat the bookie at a 70+ clip like many advertise. If a guy is claiming he does so for all sports, he's surely full of crap.

Super expensive packages with money all due up front are another one to avoid. If your going to use a pay for picks handicapper, make them prove themselves first.

Also, you should avoid any capper asking for a % of your winnings. Your paying him for a service. That's a flat rate deal or no deal. Tell him to take a walk if he pulls this on you.

Lastly, not all cappers get monitored, but it doesn't hurt to insure that the records he's touting are correct!

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