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Sports Information Traders is a one of a kind sports investing service that's leading the revolution of the online sports wagering industry. Their team is lead by renowned and respected sports advisor and overall sports betting guru, Jon Price. Mr. Price is one of three Industry Sharps on Sports Information Traders' team of analysts, the other two being Basketball specialist, Mike Wise and Jon Price's own protégé, David Michaels.

At the top of the chain is founder and leader sports pickers, Jon Price. An interesting character to say the least, Mr. Price is more akin to a college math professor than your typical, big talking sports handicapper. His eccentric lifestyle and reclusive nature kept him from developing a taste for the spotlight, which is getting harder with all the success and acclaim his sports service has gained over recent years. Price attributes much of his success to his mathematical and calculated approach to picking sports games. Price has been interviewed in Forbes and for his success in the handicapping industry as one of the all time greats amongst others like Billy Walters & Bob Voulgaris.

After graduating from a top New York University in the mid-90s, Price had already begun applying his proprietary mathematic formulas of probability to predicting the outcome of sporting events. He describes himself as a fan of practical mathematics, and formulas that can be applied to the world. As opposed to many mathematicians who simply take numbers at face value, Price was determined to find a way to connect his formulas he had developed during his time at New York University, to the real world. Price was a multi-sport athlete throughout most of his youth, so he quickly realized sports as the most practical application for his formulas.

Jon Price compares his method of picking to that of gamblers who tend to latch onto a trend or particular stat to make their predictions, except on a much, much larger scale. Price claims to have found the 22 variables with the largest correlation to the outcome of any given sporting event. His current formula boast a winning percentage of around 64% and he champions it as his best work ever.

Price has explained that he takes each Vegas spread as a personal challenge. As soon as the bookmakers release the early lines, Price and his team begin crunching the numbers, and eventually derive at what his formula perceives the line should be. Then the difference in their line compared to Vegas' line is how Price determines a play's value. This is called his Delta betting formula that has created millions in profits over the years. By systematically rating each game, Price has done his best to eliminate the human element of sports picking which he suggests is people's greatest undoing when it comes to picking sports games at a consistent rate.

While Price may come off as a humble and highly intelligent man, his results and fast rise to success are anything but humble. Price is also one of the few sports handicappers who plays his own picks, which many of his clients have come to respect about him. He believes in the "When you lose, I lose" mentality, which is welcome in a world where many handicappers have given the industry a bad name with their aggressive sales tactics and poor record to back it up. Price has said in multiple interviews that he's already made more than a lifetime's worth of money from his formula and sports betting, he does this purely for the competition and to help others beat Vegas.

Price has a passion for picking games, and getting others in on the winning, as well. Sports Information Traders has hit over 62% winners ATS for the last 6 years, and with the two additions of Mike Wise to head his professional and college basketball department, and his latest addition, David Michaels, who he fancies as his current protégé and eventual replacement, their service only seems to be gaining momentum as their popularity also continues to grow.

If you're looking to get away from the aggressive, big talking handicappers that seem to dominate the online industry, give Jon Price and his team at a try. One of the few remaining reputable services that stands behind their results. They currently offer free weekly promotional offers on their website to get you started with no upfront obligation or strings attached. Try out Mr. Price and his formula for a week and see what all the hype is about. As someone who's taking notice of his picks for the last 2 years, you'll appreciate the results.

Company Name: Sports Information Traders

Handicappers Names: Jon Price
Mike Wise
Curt Presley
David Michaels

Sports Covered: NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball, Major League Baseball, Cricket, and Soccer.

Provides Analysis: Yes detailed analysis for our clients but no proprietary data is given out.

Documented? Yes - Past results showcased

Pricing $49.99 and up. The highest quality handicapping and analyst service money can buy.

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