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Consensus Sports Picks

If you aren't using consensus sports picks in your sports handicapping routine your missing out on a very valuable resource that can help increase your winning percentage instantly!

A consensus report shows what percentage of the general betting public is on each side of a game. With good information from a high volume source showing the picks of hundreds of amateur handicappers (the betting public), one can see which games are getting one sided.

You can then compare the one sided action to the day's line movement. Line moves going in the opposite direction of games getting heavily one sided will blatantly show which games are getting sharp action. Sharp action doesn't ALWAYS win but is good supplemental information to use in your handicapping.

Because point spreads are created based on public perception, it is always good to know who the squares (uninformed general betting public) and who the sharps (wiseguys that move large amounts of money and make astute selections on games) are on.

Listed below, we'll provide links in which each day we update the page with selections based on the public consensus. These picks will be based solely on fading the general betting public and/or siding with wiseguy plays when we feel the value is there to do so.

If your confused, don't sweat it, just coattail our picks and enjoy the long term profits they will provide as we've employed this style of handicapping for quite some time and have enjoyed some very nice success in doing so!

NFL Football Consensus Picks - Many find it hard to beat the NFL. Not us! Fading the consensus while picking our spots leads us to winning NFL betting seasons seemingly every season! In 2000 we even hit as high as 63%!

College Football Consensus Picks - While we admit, fading the public doesn't work as well in college foots as it does the NFL, it's still very valuable info to study each week. We just have to be a bit more careful in which spots we pick to try to exploit. The reason college foots is a bit harder to figure out while fading the public is because oddsmakers (generally speaking) have a harder time predetermining how the public is going to bet college football teams.

NBA Consensus Picks (Discontinued) - Fading the public works real well here, especially when the squares seem to be one siding an underdog or an over play. Coattail us to fat profits during the pro basketball season.

MLB Baseball Consensus Picks (Discontinued) - Baseball is the worst when it comes time to fading the public. Since no point spread is involved, square players tend to seem to gravitate to the favorites and this doesn't really tell us much. What does help us determine some plays is seeing the public on one side and seeing the odds move in the opposite direction which can raise a red flag that a betting syndicate may be hitting a game hard. We don't expect to lose money on these plays, but their admittadly not our favorite.

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