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Fantasy Sports and Sports Handicapping

How Fantasy Sports Can Help Your Sports Handicapping
by Jerald of

The past few years have shown a huge surge in participation of fantasy leagues. There is a ton of information out there for the Fantasy player. How can this glut of information be used to help in our daily handicapping?

Injuries - The fantasy sports player is driven by having players actually play so there are many fantasy information sites that are dedicated to bringing updated information on whether players will be in the lineup or sitting out. This is very important information to know as the outcome of a game could depend on who is playing and who is sitting the game out.

Matchups - Most fantasy sites have great information as far as how players do in certain situations. In baseball this may mean that certain players/teams struggle against left-handed pitching. In football it may indicate that a team has a good rushing defense. All of this information can be very helpful in determining which team has an edge.

Statistics - Along the same lines as the matchups are player statistics. This is really is important with baseball. There are many sabermetric variables that can be used to determine if players (especially pitchers) are performing as expected. For example, if a player's strikeout/walk ratio is lower than usual it can indicate that a pitchers velocity is down and they may struggle in upcoming starts. There are also statistics that predict what a pitcher's earned run average should be compared to the hits, flyballs, walks and homeruns allowed. If there actual ERA has a large difference from the predicted ERA it may mean that a regression to the normal can be expected. Information like this is very beneficial to the astute handicapper.

Replacement Players - In many situations if a starter is not available to play we may not know much about a particular player that is going to replace the starter. You can use the fantasy sites to garner this much needed information. This is especially true in baseball when a minor league pitcher is called up.

So get out there and play fantasy baseball, basketball and football! It will help increase your awareness to what's going on in the world of sports and should also help increase your winning percentage as well!

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