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Favorite of the Day/Week Pick

Here you'll find our favorite of the day/week pick for all sports. Before we get started, we're going to give a disclaimer here.

While we're going to make predictions against the spread based on favorite picks, "laying the chalk" is not our standard method of operation when it comes to winning at sports betting. That is not to say that we won't provide a winning record, because we likely will, it's just not what we're most comfortable with. We highly recommend that you check out our underdog of the day picks if your looking for our strongest plays against the number.

Now that we've probably scared you off, Let us get started! As noted above, giving points is not how we roll. We're firm believers that oddsmakers and bookies inflate favorite numbers which sucks all the value out of these plays. Why is that you ask? Because they know that most of the general betting public are "squares" and are in love with not only the favorite, but the "over" in most games. This is true as well. So, in our estimation, this makes it a bit harder to win consistently picking the fav in a matchup.

With all the above being said, we are glad to accept the challenge in beating the magical 52.38% (The number in which we need to beat to turn a profit against the spread) and believe we can do so but we'll candidly tell you ahead of time, we're happy with 54% or better on these picks as it truly is a grind to keep head above water when laying points, especially in MLB where you use baseball moneylines and often times are risking quite a bit more than your trying to win which is an uphill proposition.

Ok, now on to the picks!

NFL Football Favorite of the Week Pick - It pains us to know that these are the most sought after picks when it comes to bettors wanting to know "who to get down on" each weekend of the pro football season. Why not consider underdogs? Their much better bets when handicapped properly? We're not here to preach though so we'll proceed! As noted in other areas of the site, we feel that the sportsbooks suck the value out of most NFL favs because they know that most NFL bettors can't help themselves in selecting the better team in a two team matchup with a point spread. It's not our style however we do believe we can win wiith them over the course of the NFL season. Expect about a 55% or so winning percentage on these picks as they are not easy to beat over the course of the 17 week NFL season.

College Football Favorite of the Week Pick - (Discontinued) - If you've taken the time to read our "preaches and speeches" throughout the site, you probably know that we're not fond of betting on favorites. College football is a rare exception to our rule. The bookies don't necessarily have a strangle hold on knowing which way the public is going to react to a point spread, so they lack the edge they have in the NFL. Furthermore, there is less parity in the NCAA which means that you can often times find one team that has the ability to dominate another team making betting on a favorite in college foots not such a scary proposition. Lastly, we have one of the best college football handicappers on the planet in our office. So needless to say, we're a little fat headed here and feel like we can toot our horn with a prediction that we'll hit close to 60% over the course of the season with these plays.

NBA Favorite of the Day Pick (Discontinued) - Not everybody is perfect right? If we're going to suck out on an ATS record it's gonna be right here. Picking NBA favorites and showing a profit is a real bear. We have no problem winning with dogs on the court, favorites are a whole different story though. If we're going to drop the ball, it will be here. But, being us and the fact that we are optimists, we accept the challenge each season of trying to beat 52.38% which is more likely than not, but we'd be lying if we said NBA favorites don't put a pit in our guts.

MLB Favorite of the Day Pick (Discontinued) - Each day we handicap the small-ball card in search of the best favorite play on the board. While it's tempting to jump on a star studded starting pitcher such as Roy Oswalt or Justin Verlander, one needs to take into consideration the odds their laying in doing so. If your putting down $300 to win $100 and the game loses, your now in a position where you have to win 3 straight bets just to break even. Heavy chalk as that is called is not a good way to approach betting baseball favorites so don't expect us to be recommending such plays if your coattailing us during the long baseball season. Ya just can't win that way. We will however find some mid range to small fav's that will provide us with some decent value. Be forewarned though, baseball is long, grueling and a true grind. As with all sports betting, it should be approached as a marathon, not a sprint.

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