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Where to Bet on Sports

You handicap games right? Surprisingly most don't handicap their sportsbook though which really intrigues the ---- out of us! There are oodles of sportsbooks out there on the net. If your not playing with one of the best then your cheating yourself.

I ran into a guy once who bet on sports. We started chatting and come to find out he said he used a really bad book that even back in the good old days was known as a stiff joint. I got real nervous and tried to explain to him that hey man, I know this biz well, and your playing into a bunch of jerkoffs. You need to get out of there and play somewhere else. Low and behold, he gave me some resistance, claimed he loved playing there and that they always treated him real good including giving him some fat bonuses on a regular basis when he'd re-up.

The light bulb came on in my head and I said "oh, reup eh?" Well, come to find out, the guy had never requested a payout so of course he didn't know it was a scam outfit. Once he was comfortable enough with me to admit that he was a gambling degenerate who made big bank and deposited nearly once a week it all made sense. I tried to tell him that he needed to get out of there and hey man, no joke, you ain't gettin' paid should you happen to win a chunk of change. They probably would of paid him if it was small though, because they expect him to lose more to them. Sad but true. Anyhoo, the book in question went under shortly thereafter. I bet you he remembered our conversation then!

My point fellas... You have to handicap the books just like you do the games. There's good, decent, bad and ugly out there. Pass on the latter. There's tons of good books offering you oodles of choices, promotions and stability.

Check out our sportsbooks section where you'll find comprehensive sportsbook reviews, a nice long sportsbook bonus list and numerous other promotions including contests going on around the web. Don't risk it, use a Predictem endorsed online bookie!

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